Tori, Ellie & Kash – Equine Photography, Essex

Ellie got in touch last year, to purchase a photoshoot voucher for her big sister, Victoria’s 21st birthday present. And last week, I had the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous trio at their picturesque yard in Ongar.

Five years ago, after having shared various ponies, their parent’s finally conceded and Tori and Ellie were finally allowed a pony on full loan. Enter Kash. And then, when they thought his owner was going to sell him on to somebody else, Tori finally managed to buy Kash as their own, last October. And although it’s Tori’s name on his papers, he really belongs to both sisters.

Kash, who is a twelve year-old Welsh cross French Trotter, was initially rescued, by his old owner. He was just a year old, had a full set of shoes on and had been heartlessly raced up and down the roads. He had no weight on him and needed some serious TLC. As you can see, his difficult start in life is clearly a distant memory for Kash.

Victoria tells me that when they first took Kash, he was a bit of a brute. She says that he would very often cart whoever was leading him off to the field, tank off out hacking and he loved to nap and spin whenever he didn’t get his own way. However, looking at the horse on our photoshoot, you would never know. He was a total gentleman, cuddling his girls and posing for me, with perfect manners.

Tori puts his turn-around down to their wonderful instructor, but something tells me that she and Ellie need to be taking a little more credit for his transformation.

Thank you for having me, girls. And for offering me dinner and making my job super easy. You two are absolutely stunning and it was a pleasure to work with you. Tori, I hope that it really wasn’t worth all of the tears and worry before-hand and that it was 100 times less stressful than you imagined. Lol!


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