Charlotte & Sassy – Equine Photography, Kent

This is a super cute story of second chances and I love that Charlotte and Sassy have gone full circle, to find themselves in one another’s’ lives again.

Charlotte originally bought Sassy back in 2007 and she claims that Sassy helped restore her confidence after she’d had the unfortunate experience of loaning a horse who hadn’t been, as Charlotte puts it, ‘rider friendly’. The pair competed together in eventing and showjumping most weekends.

But sadly, in 2009, Charlotte began a career with the police, working shifts and long hours and didn’t have the time to dedicate to Sassy like she used to. So she made the heartbreaking decision to sell her. She said that it absolutely devastated her and she missed Sassy hugely.

Luckily for Charlotte, Sassy was bought by the most lovely new owners, who kept in regular contact, sent photo updates and allowed Charlotte to visit. So, when they made the decision to sell Sassy on and purchase a larger horse, Charlotte got first refusal.

And in January of this year, Sassy arrived back home with Charlotte!

Charlotte is now self employed and can devote much more time to her special girl and couldn’t be happier to have her back. They’ve been out competing since they’ve been back together and Charlotte told me that she could live another lifetime and never find another horse like Sassy. She says that she really is a superstar and never puts a foot wrong.

I love that we managed to persuade Charlotte’s other half and puppies to jump in on the occasion, for a happy family photo. Thank you for having me, Charlotte.


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