Isabelle, Charlotte, Roger, Roo & Stanley – Equine Photography, Essex

These guys were sooo much fun. Sometimes I just feel like I pretend to have a job, because this can’t be work, right?! One evening last week, I ventured over to the lovely Pebmarsh, to see Isabelle, Charlotte and their three ponies.

These two sisters are so totally different, but equally as beautiful and I really enjoyed encouraging and capturing each of their individual characters. Isabelle, the eldest of the two, was much quieter and calmer, although still a very confident and sweet young lady.

And then you have younger sister, Charlotte. This little diva is absolutely hilarious and her enthusiasm for absolutely everything is just contagious! She is larger than life and constantly smiling. When she flung her arms around me as I was about to leave, I think I may have melted.

Twenty-six year old Roger is Charlotte’s pony. Mum, Rebecca, bought him for Charlotte when she didn’t click well with Izzy’s old pony and needed something of her own to bond with. He’s a typical old man. He followed Charlotte around wherever she led, wanted to eat all of the grass and didn’t really want to pose. But he’s the real, solid, dependable type that every little girl needs and Rebecca says that he has really improved Charlotte’s confidence.

Roo is the bay pony in the pictures. This little guy is super smart and he really knows it, too. Welsh Sec B, Roo, instantly started strutting and showing off as soon as either girl sat on him. Both Isabelle and Charlotte ride Roo. He has been with them for a little over four years and whilst he originally had a pretty successful career as a working hunter pony, he is now enjoying a life of dressage and pony club.

Stanley, the largest and newest of the crew, is Izzy’s pony and she has only had him since late last year. But he seems to have settled in pretty well and it sounds like he and Isabelle are doing great together. Again, they mostly compete in dressage, together. I really like this pony and despite Rebecca and Izzy joking that he looks like a cow pony, he was my secret fave. Shhh, don’t tell Roger and Roo!

We also managed to persuade Izabelle and Charlotte’s baby brother, Freddie to get in on the action, too. Rebecca says she is really hoping that Roger will live for long enough for Freddie to enjoy him, too!

Thank you all, for having me at your home and for such a fab evening. Rebecca, your lovely, polite children are an absolute credit to you.


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