Debbie, Shaunnagh, Cameron & River – Equine Photography, Kent

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie and her gang. Her daughter, Shaunnagh, son Cameron and their gorgeous traditional cob, River. It seems, just like with my last blog, that River has also got a pretty interesting story.

Debbie has owned River for around a year and a half. And in Spring, last year, the family and their friends thought that she was looking pretty porky, even for a curvy girl. So they started trying to help her loose a few extra pounds.

One day, River had been out for a hack and had a good gallop to blow the cobwebs away. When they got back to the yard, she was put away in her stable and tucked in for the night, just like any other day. Little did they all know that they were about to get a pretty big surprise.

The next morning, Debbie received a frantic phone-call from a friend to tell her to get the the yard ASAP! And when she arrived, she found an adorable, but very unexpected, colt foal at River’s feet. Can you imagine?! It turns out that the dealer that Debbie had purchased River from, also had no idea that she and a couple of other mares, all from the same place, were in foal. Big oops!!

Debbie sold the foal on to a friend of hers, so they still keep in contact. And River is back to hacking and enjoying life with Debbie, Shaunnagh and Cameron again. Although, this time, without the addition of a baby bump.


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