Warrior’s Rest – Group Equine Photoshoot, Essex

Two years ago, I visited a little yard in Tiptree and had a really lovely day working with and getting to know the liveries at Warrior’s Rest. And two years on, last week, I returned for a catch up, an updates photoshoot and a really enjoyable day.

This lot are so great to work with. Everybody get involved, helping one another with outfits, getting horses’ ears forward, getting ponies clean, looking after dogs, kids, etc. and it’s a real group occasion.

And it’s always so nice to re-visit past clients, see how the children have grown, how the ponies have changed, recognise old faces and, of course, be introduced to the new additions. Unfortunately, some of the stars of our last shoot are no longer with us, which is sad, but there were new recruits for me to meet.

From a photography point of view, this location is pretty challenging. The day of our shoot was super hot, incredibly bright and pretty relentless when you’re photographing 19 people, 13 horses and 4 dogs! There is hardly any shade whatsoever at Warrior’s Rest, so we couldn’t take shelter or diffuse that harsh midday sunlight. And to add to that, there’s a lot of electric fencing, which splits up each liveries’ individual paddocks, for me to avoid. But I think we managed it. 🙂

I’d like to thank everybody for going with the flow and making the day so enjoyable. Despite one runaway pony, lots of greedy ponies wanting to eat the grass, a couple of minor injuries and one of the hottest days of the year, I think it all went pretty swimmingly. You guys rock!


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