Holly, Tammy, Rolo, Josh & Family – Equine Photography, Surrey

Hollie is very typical of many of my clients. In the run up to her shoot, she was worrying. She worried that the horses wouldn’t behave, worried about the location, worried about her children being involved, worried about the weather… And she sent me various emails regarding these worries, that I responded to, hopefully assuaging her worries and discussing our options.

Well, for all of you worriers out there (and I know there are lots of you), I think Hollie will tell you that you needn’t stress half as much, because Hollie’s shoot was such an enjoyable, relaxed afternoon and all models, human and equine, played their parts perfectly. It was a super bright, sunny day and we had barely any shade to work with, but still, we made it work and used the space we had available in Hollie’s parents’ beautiful back garden.

Hollie has had her twenty-eight year-old veteran pony, Tammy, for around twenty-one years and is aware that the little mare is on borrowed time, these days. Her ailments include cushings, loss of eyesight, metabolic issues and arthritis. She also needs corrective shoeing and lives on a mostly liquid diet. As a vet nurse, Hollie has been heavily involved in her ongoing treatment and only the best is acceptable for this little lady.

I can vouch for the fact that this golden oldie is still totally full of beans, though. She’s so adorable and is living her OAP days out in Hollie’s parents garden, where they built what Hollie calls a ‘hospice’, six years ago when Tammy’s health deteriorated and she was given only six months to live. The hospice is a little area with shade, shelter and enough room for Tammy her little friend, Rolo, to mooch around. It’s the cutest little set-up. Tammy is clearly incredibly special to Hollie and Hollie is paying her back for years of love and enjoyment, in spades, with five star care for as long as she needs it.

Incredibly cheeky little Shetland, Rolo is Tammy’s companion. He is six years-old and has been with Hollie since he was just five months. He also has his share of health issues, despite his young age, including bad teeth, bad feet, being laminitis prone and a sufferer of sweetitch. So, the closely managed ‘hospice’ suits him, too. This little dude thinks it’s allll about him. He couldn’t understand why we would possibly waste any time photographing anybody other than him. He may be pint-sized, but his personality is mahoosive!!

And lastly, but certainly not least, is Hollie’s bigger horse, Josh. Josh is nineteen years-old and Hollie has had him since he was five. And he is such a gentleman. (This one doesn’t live in the little garden hospice, lol.) With the little ponies running rings around everybody and wanting to run the show, Josh just took the whole thing in his stride, standing quietly and patiently until he was needed and then posing like a pro. Hollie tells me that he is the most amazing horse. He loves jumping and is great with the kids.

One of the main aims for this shoot was to get Hollie’s family involved. This included her (un-horsey) husband, Matthew and their two children, Daisy and Henry. Three year-old Daisy was more than happy to dress up as a princess and ride around the garden. And one year-old Henry just spent the whole time in fits of giggles, which was super adorable and just fine with me!!

So, there you have it. Two ponies, one horse, one owner, a husband and two children under four… And it all went pretty swimmingly. Nothing to worry about, right Hollie?! 😉 Thank you so much to the entire family, including Hollie’s Mum and Dad, who were so very welcoming and even fed me pizza before I travelled home. It was such a lovely afternoon!


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