Charlotte & Saatchi – Equine Photography, Essex

I first photographed Charlotte back in 2012, with her old pony, Kestral. And she had contacted me at the beginning of the summer to talk about arranging her shoot with her current horse, but due to life getting in the way, we never got around to putting anything in the diary.

Then last Tuesday Charlotte sent me a message, in a bit of a panic. She’d made the hard decision to sell Saatchi, having advertised him on the Sunday before hand and he was due to leave on the Thursday morning! Talk about a quick sale!!

Charlotte said that she was asking for the impossible, but wondered if there was any way I would be free on the Wednesday for a shoot with her and Saatchi, before she had to say goodbye to him the following day. Luckily, I was able to squidge them in, in the evening and despite the overcast skies and smattering of showers, we managed to get some images of her special boy, for Charlotte to keep.

Saatchi is extremely dapper and absolutely stunning. And he totally knows it! He is just one of those horses with huge charisma and that real look-at-me quality. He is a nine year-old show hack and intermediate show riding type with pretty impressive credentials in the ring.

Before coming to Charlotte, Saatchi won at the Royal International Horse Show, with Joseph Thurston and has been a Horse of the Year Show finalist every year. With Charlotte he has qualified for RIHS every season she’s had him, was reserve supreme at NPS Area 15 and this year he has qualified for RIHS on his second attempt and was fourth in his first HOYS qualifier of the season. What a star.

Charlotte says that he has been her dream horse and just from speaking to her about him, you can tell it must have been a very difficult decision to move him on. However, it seems that he has found a superb home where he will be totally adored. And Charlotte is lucky enough to keep the intermediate ride on him, so hopefully she will still be very much involved in his progress.

I’m so glad we got to do this for you, Charlotte. It was lovely to see you again, to meet the handsome Saatchi and I hope we’ve been able to capture what you wanted and create some memories for you to keep forever.


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