Rachel & Jay – Equine Photography, Norfolk

Rachel keeps her Arab, Jay, at a stunning yard in Norfolk, in the grounds of a privately owned hall. So we were certainly spoilt for choice when it came to desirable backdrops for our shoot.

Rachel has known Jay since he was just one month old, when he arrived at the Arab stud she was working at, alongside his mother. Jay, who’s show-name is now Jadestar Jumairah, is now the twenty-two years-old.

Rachel took a shine to Jay when he was just a baby and then went on to back him, compete him in showing, dressage, endurance and pleasure rides. So when she left her job at the stud, she was fortunate enough to be able to take Jay with her. And all these years later, he is very much part of the family.

Apparently Jay absolutely hates jumping and waters, so has done mostly showing and dressage and only retired from competing last year, at the age of twenty-one.

The reason Rachel got in touch to book her shoot was because last year they received an unexpected and sad news that Jay had been diagnosed with cushings. With a few other health issues, Rachel is now giving Jay an easier life, hacking around the beautiful grounds that he lives on, eating grass and having cuddles. And he seems incredibly content.

He was such a chilled out chap, for our shoot. And Rachel tells me that that is a pretty good reflection of Jay’s attitude to life in general. Considering the flighty, high-maintenance stereotype his breed carries, Jay tends to be a little more laid back about things. However, like most horses, he does have his quirks. One of which being his hatred for cameras. Apparently he always puts his ears back when he’s in front of the lens. He must have liked me. 😉

Thank you to Rachel and Jay, for having me and for being great models and to Rachel’s friend, Rachel, for her helping hands behind the scenes.


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