Matilda, Coco, Sparkles & Boycie – Equine Photography, East Sussex

My favourite images always come from the shoots I do with children and their ponies. There is something so innocent and uninhibited about them and they just produce such natural images. And Matilda was no exception. What a gorgeous little bundle of energy!

Six year-old Matilda is a very lucky little girl. She has a whole host of beautiful ponies to love and care for, and she loved showing them off to me when I went over to her home, one evening last week, to see her and her Mum, Laura.

Our first equine model was the beautiful Coco. Coco (Knivers Keepsake) is a very special little pony. She is Matilda’s eight year-old lead rein pony Laura purchased from Olly Burchell and Mandy Burchell-Small, after going to view another pony entirely. But as soon as Laura and Matilda tried Coco, they knew she was the perfect pony for them, despite the fact that she wasn’t actually officially for sale. They bought her home on Matilda’s birthday, the October before last, and it seems their feelings were right, as this pint-sized pair have gone from strength to strength, together.

Matilda is now braving first ridden classes with Coco, after qualifying and being placed third at HOYS in the lead-rein class last year. So fingers crossed that they do just as well as an adorable first ridden combination. Laura says that Coco is just the perfect childs’ pony and that Matilda can often be found sat on her in her stable, doing round the worlds.

The second pony that Matilda wanted to introduce me to was five year-old, Welsh Sec A, Sparkles (Who was named by Matilda! 😀 ) Laura purchased Sparkles from Fayre Oaks, after losing their forty-three year-old Shetland pony. As he’s quite a nervous little chap, up until recently, Laura has just given Sparkles the time he needed to mature and find his feet and he has just lately been backed. This pony is so adorable. He was terrified of me at first, but eventually I managed to persuade him I wasn’t so scary. And he really seems to love Matilda, despite her being so full of beans.

Our last model was Laura’s Mum’s horse, Boycie. Boycie is a six year-old traditional cob and Boycie very nearly came home with me!! Isn’t he beautiful?! And such an angel, too. Boycie was bought for Laura’s Mum as a happy hacker and although he has done some showing, quite successfully in fact, he mostly enjoys a sedate life, plodding around the surrounding East Sussex countryside.

So, as you can see, I was thoroughly spoilt rotten, with a selection of fantastic ponies, a gorgeous setting and a beautiful, cheeky six year-old that was just brimming with confidence and character. Matilda was just a joy to have in front of my camera. I barely had to do a thing, to get her smile and she was quite happy to chat away to me, show me her pretty dresses (Can we just take a second to appreciate that tutu?!) and cuddle her ponies. Thank you for having me Laura. I couldn’t ask for more from a shoot!


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