Michelle, family, Jack & Millie – Equine Photography, Kent

This shoot was the definition of a family occasion! Michelle booked with me when she saw a special offer I was hosting, over Christmas and we finally met up for her shoot last week.

And I had a whole host of models, of all sizes, species and ages. Three generations of Michelle’s family turned out for the photoshoot and were all so patient and accommodating as they stood around in the baking hot sun.

We took a little walk to a nearby field, which offered beautiful long grass as our background and some welcome shady areas provided by huge, overhanging trees.

Michelle, her sister Amy and mum Mary own two veteran ponies between them. The first is Jack, who they believe to be in his mid-twenties. Jack has had a colourful life, living on a riding school and being ridden round in circles for many years. Michelle loaned Jack from the riding school for three years before his owners offered him to her for sale. Of course, after three years spent falling in love with him, there was no way she could resist.

Michelle has had Jack for thirteen years and describes him as the love of her life, who she couldn’t imagine life without. However, Michelle has more recently lost the ride on Jack, for the most part, as her daughter, Amelia, is following closely in Mummy’s footsteps and has adopted Jack as her own.

Millie, the coloured pony, is also believed to be in her twenties and was originally bought for Michelle’s mum, Mary. Mary also purchased Millie from the riding school, fourteen years ago, and said that when they first had her she was incredibly nervous and wary of everything. Apparently she was so nervous that they couldn’t even get a brush through her tail and she wouldn’t go anywhere near men. Well, you would never know! Millie is full of confidence and quite a little diva. Just shows what fourteen years of TLC can do for a pony.

I love that everybody pitches in with the horses, in this family. Mum, Mary, daughters Michelle and Amy and now Michelle’s two children, Amelia and Charlie, all love to get involved in the riding and care of these two lucky, well loved ponies. And we even persuaded Amy’s other half, Sam and her dog, Ron (It was Sam that needed persuading. Ron was totally up for it!) to get in on the act, too. Like I said, total family occasion!

Thank you all, so much, for making so much effort, being so patient and making me feel so welcome. What a lovely afternoon.


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