Sophie & Zak – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week I had an interesting Friday afternoon; I had a two person group photoshoot and both my clients were named Sophie. So, that’s three Sophie’s in one place! Confusing much?

My first pair were the extremely sweet Sophie and Zak. Zak, who’s proper name is Barkway Peter Pan, is an absolutely beautiful 12.2hh show pony and is a very cheeky. He and Sophie have a relationship that I absolutely love to see between a little girl and her pony. Sophie is so confident with him, both on the ground and on board and he clearly adores her. They both have fab, infectious personalities and were a lot of fun to work with.

Sophie and Zak can often be seen strutting their stuff in the show ring together and I hear that they recently took Reserve Supreme of Show, at the BSPS Area 15 Summer Show, this Sunday just gone! So big congrats to the pair of them. I can imagine the look adorable all spruced up and ready to show.

However, it sounds like Sophie and Zak have just as much fun together outside of the ring. Work hard, play hard, right?! Sophie’s mum, Janice tells me that Zak just loves hacking, but above all else, he enjoys eating and cuddles. Does anybody else know a pony who’s favourite past-time is filling his belly?

Sophie and Janice say that Zak is an absolute superstar and the kind of pony that every little girl should have. He’s a little bit cheeky, so definitely keeps Sophie on her toes, but is safe and willing and clearly knows his job. What a poppet.

Thank you for being so much fun, Sophie and Zak, even though we made Sophie, who is pretty pint-sized, wade through grass up to her shoulders! And to Janice for buying the shoot as a gift for Sophie, for Christmas and withstanding getting eaten alive by the midges, who were out in force!


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