Lucy & Quinn – Equine Photography, Essex

You may remember my last shoot with Lucy, just a couple of weeks ago, to say goodbye to her first ever pony, Mojo. It was all a bit rushed and last minute, due to the circumstances. But, this shoot was our original booking and it was nice to go back and see Lucy on a happier occasion and give Quinn his moment in the spotlight.

Lucy’s two shoots could not have been any more different. We had total extremes with the weather. Mojo’s shoot was pouring with rain and really quite cold, whereas Quinn’s shoot was on the hottest day of the year. And I’m not even kidding; I had three shoots this day and I was a hot, sweaty mess!

Lucy says that Quinn is her horse of a lifetime. And he’s a real cheeky chappy. She bought him to do fairly low-level, local competitions with. As a bit of an all rounder, who might be able to bust out a respectable dressage test. And he took her to HOYS!! Talk about exceeding expectations!

Quinn made Lucy’s dreams come true, in 2014, when he qualified for Search for a Star, at Horse of the Year Show, as a small hunter and gave her an amazing ride around the NEC Arena. How wonderful, for somebody who had never even dared imagine that they’d be competing at that kind of level.

Thirteen year-old Quinn is now focusing mostly on dressage and may make a reappearance in the show ring once he’s eligible to compete as a veteran.

And when I say he’s a cheeky chappy, I mean, he’s really cheeky. He’s such a personable little horse and always wants to know what you’re doing, what you’ve got in your pockets and whether he can be involved in some way. He was great fun to work with and would do absolutely anything for a polo.

Thank you Lucy and Quinn for being super-duper models and for not moaning once, about the crazy British heat-wave, even when I was complaining about sweating bullets and wanting to stay in the shade!


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