Suzanne, Ginevra & Cruise – Equine Photography, Essex

Suzanne contacted me back in April to book a shoot because she had the perfect space in her hallway for a large, portrait shot of her horse. However, she wasn’t so keen on having the shoot for herself and her boy, Cruise. Instead, she wanted a photograph of her two favourite ‘people’ together. Cruise and Suzanne’s beautiful daughter, Ginevra. (Don’t you just love that name?!)

However, there was one small problem… Fifteen year-old Ginevra isn’t horsey. She used to ride a little when she was younger but doesn’t anymore and has no interest in doing so.


But I have to say, she was such a great sport and I think she does secretly love Cruise. I mean, who wouldn’t. He was such an angel and Suzanne says that he really is pretty perfect most of the time. She says that he wants to be everybodies friend and everybody falls in love with Cruise!

Suzanne used to ride another horse for a friend of hers and he was sadly put to sleep. Her friend was due to sell Cruise, but woke up one night feeling that she was making a terrible mistake and ended up keeping him. When Suzanne lost the horse she had been riding, her friend told her to go ahead and ride Cruise. And the rest is history.

And I’m really pleased that Suzanne did agree to have a few shots with her handsome boy, too, because it’s obvious she adores him.

So, Cruise was a star and was quite happy to lap up the attention, but ultimately I’m really grateful to Ginevra for just going with everything I asked her to do. Ginevra, you look absolutely gorgeous, even in your wellies!! 😉


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