Paula & Ella – Equine Photography, Newcastle

My second shoot on my trip to Newcastle was with Paula and Ella. This time we visited a different beach just a little away from our first location. And this shoot was pretty eventful.

Beautiful Ella is a diva of the most dramatic kind. She was just so excited to be at the beach that she could barely contain herself. Afterall, there’s so much to see, so much space to gallop about on, so many sounds and smells… It just blew her mind a little.

But, to give Paula her due, she knows her own horse. She was telling me that Ella would settle so much better if Paula was on board. I was sceptical, although I always step right out of any decision making when it comes to ridden shots, hats, safety equipment, etc. etc. and tell the client that whatever decision they make, I will make it work from my end. But Paula was right. Ella was so much calmer when Paula was in the saddle.

So, we spent most of the time having Paula trot Ella up and down the surf, trying to get her to do anything other than pose with her eyes out on stalks, looking like a rabbit in headlights. We didn’t manage to get as many cuddly, in-hand shots as I’d have normally liked, but luckily Ella is absolutely stunning to look at, so even when she was wound like a coiled spring, she was still looking beautiful.

Paula said that there is only one thing to blame for her purchasing Ella; Wine! She’d had a glass (or two) when she was browsing the internet, one evening and Ella’s advert popped up. Before she had time to tell herself it was a bad idea, she’d made arrangements to go and see her. And then, of course, once she clapped eyes on her, it was a done deal.

But Paula and Ella are definitely made for one another. Paula is fearless and doesn’t bat an eyelid at Ella’s over-exuberance, and Ella definitely gets confidence and reassurance from Paula. It seems that they know one another inside and out and their partnership just works for them.

Hats off to you, Paula. You are braver lady than I am. And thank you so much for taking us to the beach and letting your beautiful girl strut her stuff for us. I think you’re allowed to be a diva when you look like a supermodel, right? 😉


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