Kelly, Holly & Abbie – Equine Photography, Newcastle

Kelly and I have known each other online, through an equine forum, for some time now. She has two beautiful coloured ponies, so naturally, we bonded over our love for all things patchy. And when she said she wanted to book me to go all the way up to Newcastle to meet her gang, I was super excited!

So last weekend, Sam and I trekked up North, stayed overnight and had a fabulous day of photographing gorgeous ponies on the beach.

Kelly loaned Holly (the smaller pony) before she owned her, but when Holly’s owner said that she was going to have to sell Holly, she gave Kelly first refusal and allowed her to pay in instalments. Kelly began the long process of paying for Holly, but when her 18th birthday rolled around, her Mum took her to the yard to see Holly and her stable decked out in birthday banners and balloons. Holly’s owner handed Kelly an envelope with all of the money she had paid over the past few months inside and a passport with Kelly’s details listed as the pony’s owner. Is that not every horsey girls’ dream?! I love it!

I absolutely adore this little pony. I just think she is so stinkin’ cute and so striking. She also walks like she’s on a catwalk and all eyes are on her. I wanted to stuff her into the boot of my car and bring her home, but at just  I think she’s a little dinky for me.

The bigger of the two mares, Abbie, belonged to another member of the forum Kelly and I met on and is actually on loan to Kelly. However, I think it’s more of a long term, never-ending kind of loan and Kelly has backed and schooled Abbie herself and is now doing really well in local dressage and showing.

Abbie is the sweetest little horse. She was so compliant and patient with everything we asked of her and I even got to have a little ride on her when we got back to the yard. 😀 Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?

Kelly’s two younger sisters Natasha and Connie also joined us for the day and got involved in the shoot, which was lovely. I love it when everybody mucks in and makes it a real special occasion.

Thank you so much for having us, Kelly, and for making our trip up to you so worth it! It was so great to finally meet you all.


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