Steph & Kez – Equine Photography, Essex

Steph has lovely friends. How do I know this? Because her friends clubbed together and bought her a photoshoot gift voucher for her birthday. That’s pretty sweet, right?

So last week I took a slight detour (good-for-nothing sat nav took me down the longest, bumpiest road ever known to man and I did wonder, for a while, whether or not I was being lured into the middle of nowhere to be kidnapped and held at ransom!) to Steph’s yard where she keeps her Thoroughbred, Kez.

Kez was quite the character and this shoot was certainly a game of two halves. Steph thought that Kez, who can be a little high maintenance at times, might create a little, if we took her away from the yard, away from her friends and down the lanes surrounding the yard. But we gave it a go, slowly and carefully. And she was an absolute angel! She couldn’t have been easier to work with. She stood perfectly still, smiled for the camera and was just a little sweetheart.

Steph had organised, for the second half of the shoot, for us to shoot in a field where Kez could see her friends. She thought this might help keep her happy and relaxed. But Kez had other ideas. She was most put out that she was being made to stand in the wrong field and pose, whilst her buddies were all together and munching away on the grass. So, Kez the Diva came out to play and made poor Steph work really hard for the shots we needed.

You can’t help but laugh when your equine models act up, though. These horses have no idea why they’re being made to stand in different locations and pose. You can’t explain to them that if they behave, it’ll all be wrapped up much faster and you just have to work with what they decide to give you. And it fascinates me that nine times out of ten, most horses react the exact opposite to how their owners expect. If you have two horses and you think one will be great and the other will be difficult, you can bet your life that it’ll be the other way around.

Steph and I were in fits of giggles as Kez continued to prove Steph wrong throughout the shoot. And I had such a fun afternoon working with these two, because Steph was such a great sport, throwing in her best selfie face and catalogue pose for good measure. (Don’t worry, I’ve kept those aside in the outtakes and I’ll torture Steph with them another time 😉 ) We did manage to get Kez to cooperate for long enough to get some beautiful images, and she was such a star for the first half of our shoot that it wasn’t a problem. But I think she was most pleased when we let her off the hook and put her out to play with her friends.

Thank you for having me, Steph and for being so fun and easy going. And thank you to Steph’s lovely friends, who made this shoot happen.


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