Vicky, Sue, Poppy, Molly & Yogi – Equine Photography, Hertford

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Vicky and Sue at their home in Hertford. Vicky buys and sells horses and also runs a livery yard. She had chosen her two mares Poppy and Molly, for her shoot. And Vicky’s mum, Sue, also joined us, with her handsome lad, Yogi.

Vicky said that Poppy, the coloured mare, had originally been bought to sell. Vicky had been out when potential buyers had come to view Poppy, and Sue had dealt with the viewing. But when Sue put Poppy over a few loose jumps, she texted Vicky saying ‘You need to see Poppy jump!’ Vicky felt sure Sue had got it wrong. Afterall, Poppy, who hadn’t been with them long, was a hairy youngster who didn’t appear to be that athletic at all.

But, as it turns out, Sue was right. Poppy is a superstar jumper and is now a permanent resident and Vicky and Sue’s home. She and Vicky compete regularly in showjumping and Poppy certainly looks the part nowadays.

Molly, the chestnut, had also been bought to sell on, but after some problems with her teeth and a bit of a stressful few months, it seems Vicky has gone soft and is now considering keeping Molly as her own. And I can see why. What a beautiful girl!

Sue’s horse, Yogi, is still only a baby, but he’s huuuge! And it looks like he still has a fair bit of growing to do, too. He’s a beast but seems like a real BFG. He loved having his photograph taken and showed the girls how the posing was done.

I also got to photograph Ralph, Vicky’s ‘Jug’ (That’s Jack Russell cross Pug, for those of you who, like me, weren’t aware.) Oh my goodness, this little guy… He was only with us for five minutes but he was such a little character and I absolutely adore his toothy grin!

Thank you so much for having me, Vicky and Sue. It was a lovely afternoon, even if we did almost melt in the heat. And happy birthday Sue!


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