Why Group Photoshoots Are So Great!

Group Equine Photoshoots - Sophie Callahan Photography

I love group photoshoots, so I thought I’d tell you a little more about them…

A group photoshoot is any shoot where I am photographing more than one horse and owner combination at the same location. Mostly, each person gets their own mini shoot and then if you want some photographs taken together, we can do that, too. Some of my group shoots include just two people and some include more. Last year, I did one shoot with 20 people over two days and just last week I did 11 horses/owners at one yard.


There are so many reasons to love group photoshoots.

Firstly, it’s great for you guys, the clients, because not only does it split the travel expenses between however many people are involved in the shoot (however, travel is free to clients within Essex) but it also makes the actual cost of the shoot less. Here’s how that works…

1 person = £70
2 people = £60 per person
3 people = £50 per person
4 people = £40 per person
5 people = £35 per person
6+ people = £30 per person
(+ travel)

equine photographer kent arab


These shoots are great for me, as your photographer, too. With only so many days in my peak season, Spring and Summer, I can only fit in so many bookings. However, by doing group shoots, I can fit more people in on one day, without travelling all over the place, allowing me to be able to meet and work with more horses and more owners. There is always a wide range of shapes, sizes, ages and types of horses for me to photograph, which I love.


But, without a doubt, the best thing about a group photoshoot is the sense of occasion they create. When I arrive for a group shoot, there are always ponies being bathed, plaited and groomed, people rushing around with dresses and outfits on hangers, liveries doing one another’s’ make-up in the tack room and just a whirlwind of activity. It’s how I imagine it would be to be backstage at the theatre.

These bookings are just so much fun. Everybody helps everyone else, before the shoot, deciding what to wear, looking for locations, etc. and then on the day, getting ready, getting the horses smartened up and finally getting ears forward on the shoot. And I am very often well fuelled with tea, cakes and goodies, that my lovely clients have provided to make the day that bit more special. Like our very own little party.

And then there’s the aftermath. Clients from my group shoots always have so much fun looking through their photos together, comparing images, discussing the results of the shoots and then helping one another to decide what images to buy.

equine photography essex

So, that’s why I think group photoshoots are so much fun. If you’ve already booked your shoot and want to chat to other liveries about joining us, I’d be more than happy to add extras to your booking.

If you’re not on a livery yard, but have friends with horses living locally, perhaps you might want to think about all meeting at one location for a group shoot.

And if you haven’t booked, but think you have a great group of liveries who might enjoy a day of equine photography, don’t hesitate to get in touch!!


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