Happy First Blogging Birthday To Me!

Happy First Blogging Birthday To Me! - Sophie Callahan Photography

Today my blog is one year old!

I’m so glad I made the decision, just over a year ago, to start blogging and want to thank all of the lovely people that advised me to do so. You know who you are! It’s added another dimension to my business and as I’ve always loved writing, it’s given me a platform to rant, chat, blabber and share everything I have learnt and experienced in this amazing but tough industry.

The main reason I wanted to start blogging was because I remember when I first started out in this business. There are tonnes of blogs online, for wedding photographers, family photographers, newborn photographers, all kinds of photographers, sharing advice, wisdom, how-tos, what-not-to-dos and more. But there was nothing like that, that I could find, for equine photographers. I remember so wishing that there was something to guide me through the ups and downs of starting out in equine photography.

Instead, I waded through these unknown waters, trying avoid pitfalls, learning from my mistakes (lots of them) and working out what was most effective as I went along. And so, I decided that I should share what I was learning with others in my position. If I can help others avoid the mistakes I made, or give other equine photographers ideas and tips on how I did things, the things that worked for me, then I would be doing a good thing and could provide that resource that I wished had been available to me.

Since then, this blog has morphed into not only that, but so much more, too. I share my personal musings, fun stuff for horse owners, use it to connect with my clients and of course, share my work through it. It’s my voice, my brand, my baby. It’s so personal because basically, it’s me, online. And I can not thank you all enough, every time you click on a link to read whatever I’ve written.

So, I thought, to mark the one year anniversary of me beginning this blog, I’d just do a little round up of my most popular posts over the last year.


Once again, thank you so much for reading and for being on this journey with me! I hope that you will continue to follow and enjoy my work in the future, as much as I enjoy creating it.


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One Response to Happy First Blogging Birthday To Me!

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