Happy Birthday to My Dad

My home was a buzz of activity and Barney was confused, but happy about our early morning visitors. On an ordinary day, Barney and I are most often the only ones rattling around the place, certainly at this time of morning.

However, it’s Dad’s birthday, today. My house is half way between Mum and Dad’s home and my two brother’s flat, so it was agreed that they would descend on me for a birthday breakfast of bacon baguettes and cups of tea. It’s the first family birthday that we haven’t all lived together. I’m concerned that this might have just become a new tradition, without me even realising!


I am so much like my dad. So much, that we often clashed as I was growing up. We worked together when I was nineteen, running our event photography business for a few years and I’ve since found out that he told Mum he’d had to learn to bite his lip whilst working in an office with me every day. Funny, because I’d say that I had to learn the same thing when working with him. 😉

We both have our own ideas and opinions and whilst our similarities lie in our strong-will, determination and stubbornness, our opinions can often differ somewhat.

183729_1906793708933_4944842_nBut despite our good natured butting of heads, my dad has taught me so much, and given me the world.

Dad is a very special man. And you may think I’m biased, but it isn’t just his kids who think so. If you meet my dad, you would agree. He has the wonderful ability to make anybody believe that anything is possible.

He taught me and my brothers to be tough and ambitious, to work hard and believe you can do anything. He instilled confidence, humility, curiosity and resilience in all of three of us and taught us right from wrong.

He and my mum gave us the skills to go out into the big wild world and achieve whatever we dreamt of achieving. And they gave us the safety and security of a home we all treasured and struggled to move out of.

My dad gave us the most valuable gifts you can give to your children; Wings to help us fly and roots to keep us grounded.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


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