Megan & Buffy – Equine Photography, Suffolk

Equine Photographer Suffolk

The ground was frozen solid, the puddles iced over and the biting wind whistled across the open Suffolk countryside, on the morning I visited Megan and Buffy at their yard in Baylham.

I’d visited this yard before, back in May, to photograph Tammy, Stanley & Smokey, when the sun was shining and the place was brimming with wild flowers and greenery, so this trip was a little different. However, we were lucky to get a beautiful soft, low winter sun.

Ten-year-old, Welsh Sec D mare, Buffy is such a character. Megan bought Buffy three years ago, after she’d had to have her previous horse put to sleep. Her old boy was a Thoroughbred and hadn’t been easy to deal with, so Megan said that her only criteria for her new four-legged friend was that it was easier to do. She fell in love with Buffy’s gorgeous face and felt they just clicked.

Equine Photographer Suffolk

Unfortunately, Buffy was a lot greener than she Megan had initially realised, and they’ve had their ups and downs, including a couple of falls last year that put Megan out of action for a while. But I believe they are back on track now, and looking forward to a great Spring and Summer.

Buffy is quite a quirky mare and was pretty nervous of me when I turned up. However, we soon made friends and once she realised that I was a photographer and not a vet, she settled and her inner diva revealed itself.

Equine Photographer Suffolk

She had Megan and I in stitches when she proceeded to show us exactly how she thought the shoot should go, despite the ideas we had in mind. Buffy decided that she was running the show, not us. It was definitely The Buffy Show! Just look at her tossing her mane and giving us her best pout. 😉

It was lovely to meet you both, Megan. You guys were so much fun to work with.

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Equine Photographer Suffolk

Equine Photographer Suffolk



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