Kayla & Mika – Equine Photography, Essex

equine photographer essex

Kayla booked this shoot, for the day of her 21st birthday, back in June 2014. We had put in an order for snow and kept out fingers crossed, hoping that we might get a beautiful, white backdrop to play with.

Well, that backfired. We got snow. But Mr. Frosty just got it all wrong. We ordered our snow to fall over night, laying a carpet of glistening white stuff, over the fields, creating a winter wonderland for our shoot. Instead, it began snowing and sleating first thing that morning and continued through the entire day, refusing to settle and drenching us throughout our shoot. However, Kayla was determined to brave the weather and go ahead with the shoot, on her birthday, anyway.

Check out what Kayla’s lovely friends and boyfriend did to her stable the night before. She came down to find all of this decoration and the promise of a day full of surprises. How cute!

equine photographer essex

Kayla keeps her gorgeous, chestnut, Thoroughbred mare, Mika, on a new, beautifully kept yard over near Southend and when I arrived, I was quite excited about the amount of useable spaces. Unfortunately, to throw another spanner into the works, we then found out that we couldn’t use any of the grassy areas, so were limited to hard standing only. So, we had to get creative.

equine photographer essex

This shoot not only celebrated Kayla’s 21st birthday, but it also marked her one year anniversary of owning Mika. Her owniversary! Kayla was incredibly unfortunate when, tragically, her previous horse had to be put to sleep, suddenly and unexpectedly, just nine days after she had bought him. Just over a month after this, a friend of Kayla’s, who had rescued Mika earlier that year and nursed her back to full health, gifted her to Kayla for her 20th birthday when she could no longer keep her herself.

Mika, who is now rising eight, was bred and trained to race, but never made the track as apparently she was too slow. Kayla assures me that she has found her feet now, though. This little lady certainly hasn’t had the best start in life and, as I understand, has also been quite a steep learning curve for Kayla, who re-backed Mika herself. But they seem to be in a great place now and Mika is so affectionate and sweet with her mum.

Kayla, I wish you all the best for the future, with your gorgeous girl. She is such a sweetheart, even if she is a super-diva at times 😉 and I’m sure will be worth all of the hard work you have already been through and, I’m sure, will continue to put in on your journey with her.

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex



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