Why Buying Facebook Likes is a REALLY Bad Idea


Buying Facebook Likes is Bad

Thinking of buying Facebook likes? Stop, right there! Did your mother not teach you that cheats never prosper?

I had a lovely lady message me asking for advice on increasing her Facebook following, in the week, and she asked if I thought she should just buy some likes to get the ball rolling. For starters, I hate that you can even do this. But, sadly, you can. You can buy Facebook likes, Twitter followers… the works. It sucks, it’s ridiculous and most importantly, it’s a really, really bad idea for business!

And yep, we see you little frauds, whizzing up by thousands of likes, in the space of a few days, for no obvious reason. We may be daft, but we aren’t stupid.

Companies often buy Facebook likes because it makes them look popular. And it is true that if you have a potential client searching for a photographer (or any other business), and one has 200 likes, whereas the other has 12,000, which one are they likely to think is the better option, upon first glance?

equine photographer kent


So, with this in mind, companies purchase hundreds, or thousands of likes, to make themselves look more credible. But in reality, they’re doing the opposite.

Buying likes will actually have a negative effect on their social media presence!

The problem you have is that, unlike when you achieve your likes organically, your ‘likers’ aren’t your target market. In fact, they aren’t even real people! They’re just fake accounts, set up by people making money out of selling likes, and they won’t interact with you.

You can usually tell if a company has bought likes. They’ll have thousands of followers but not all that much interaction on their posts. Not as much as you’d expect, for the amount of followers they have, at least.

This is hugely detrimental, because Facebook’s algorithm (the code that decides who’s timeline your content gets posted on) will keep a close eye on how often your fans interact with your posts, whether it be a share, like or comment. The more interactions you get, the more Facebook will think, ‘yep, this person is legit. People really like their stuff,’ and then make sure your posts land on even more timelines. Lack of interaction makes Facebook think you’re probably not that interesting and nobody will want to know what you’ve got to say.

As an example, I’ve just gone over the 8,000 likes mark on my Facebook page (all of which has been done organically and with a lot of hours of hard work) and if I post a picture or album, I tend to get close to or above 100 likes on it. Sometimes less, depending on what it is, but usually it’s 100+. A recent picture I posted did particularly well, with a whopping 600 likes and an amazing 700+ shares.

Buying Facebook Likes is Bad


And lastly, buying likes actually isn’t allowed and defies the terms and conditions that you agreed to, when you originally created your page. Facebook don’t take kindly to being swindled, and if the Facebook Police find out, they’ll just wipe your page from the face of the earth. And that would really suck!

Building your social media profiles is a time consuming, pain staking process, that takes commitment and dedication, but the only way for it to work and for it to actually be of any help to your business, is for you to do it honestly. Plug away, little by little, step by step and you will create a genuine, loyal, invaluable fan-base, or ‘tribe’, that will serve as the best foundation you could ever wish for, for your business.


So, there you have it. I’m pretty sure (at least, I hope) you’ll agree, that buying Facebook likes is a really sucky, dishonest, dumb way to go. And, in my opinion, totally unsatisfying, too. I’m so humbled and grateful that over 8,000 people are genuinely interested in what I do. There’s no way on earth I’d consider tainting that with fake followers!


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