Bonnie & Shola – Equine Photography, Essex

equine photographer essex

Ugh, I really don’t even want to write this blog. And there’s definitely no way I can write it without a lump in my throat.

You may recognise this pair from previous blog posts, because I’ve actually photographed Bonnie and Shola three times now. Once in the very early days of my equine photography career and then again last summer, with Bonnie’s other ponies, Stuart and Lady Anne. I’ve also known Bonnie for years, through an online equine forum we both used to post on. In fact, I remember when she first brought a fairly wild Shola home, with the most gorgeous colt foal at foot.

Unfortunately though, this shoot wasn’t such a happy occasion. Welsh pony, Shola is rising ten and has been with Bonnie for around six years. Sadly, she has recently developed a lameness that has now been diagnosed as laminitis.

equine photographer essex

However, to complicate matters, Shola’s laminitis is actually due to the steroids that she has to have, to keep the arthritis in her stifles and neck at bay. So, now Bonnie is having to take Shola off of these steroids and keep her fingers tightly crossed that the arthritis doesn’t worsen over the winter. If it does, which is sadly very likely, Bonnie will be facing a very difficult decision regarding Shola’s future.

Bonnie sent me a message over the weekend, asking me if I’d come and get some ‘just in case’ images of her precious girl. So we organised a last minute ‘Remember Me Session’ for Monday morning. Thankfully, Shola’s pain is currently being well managed and she was as bright as a button for our shoot yesterday morning and I think she thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention. She’s quite the little diva!

equine photographer essex

The bond these two have is incredible. Bonnie first took Shola on, when she was an unhandled, young broodmare and has overcome a whole world of health and behavioural issues with this little mare. As always, I’m really praying that things turn out for the best and we can look back on these images and celebrate Shola’s miracle recovery.

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex



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