Happy New Year! Vote for your 2014 favourite…

2014 Favourite Photos

Where did that year go?! I know, we say it every year… but seriously… 2014 just flew by!

So, last year I had a little competition for one of my clients to win a mini-canvas, and it worked so well that I thought I’d host a repeat performance, this new year. However, when I looked through my files and attempted to choose one image from each client, I felt a little overwhelmed.

With over 150 shoots throughout 2014, many of which were family shoots or group shoots, I was facing picking a ridiculous number of images for you guys to vote on. So, I whittled it down to 50. (Ok, so turns out I’m not a great whittler! But that’s as much as I could manage.)

If you had a shoot with me in 2014 and your images didn’t make this final 50, pleeease don’t be offended. I’ve spent all day trying to narrow these down, when I should have been doing my housework. It was tough stuff!! And eventually, the dust bunnies had to be dealt with.

Anyway, here are my final 50. I could have included soooo many more.

To vote for your favourite, all you have to do is go to the ‘Image of 2014’ gallery, on my Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.785429434862095.1073741998.150245945047117&type=1 and simply comment ‘VOTE’ on the image that you like the most.

If your image is in the running, please feel free to share and shamelessly hound your friends and family for their votes. Only one vote, per person, per image counts, though. So no crazy spam-a-lots, please!

Voting will close at midnight on Saturday 3rd January and a winner will be announced the following day, nabbing themselves a mini-canvas of the winning image!


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