Chloe & Jacob – Equine Photography, Kent

equine photographer kent

The forecast had promised sunshine. As Chloe tacked Jacob up and brought him out of the stable, the rain started to fall. That awful, sneaky, thin rain, that soaks through to your skin without you even realising it. And then, as I got into my car and drove away, the rain began to ease. Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes and you just have to roll with it.

But, despite the miserable weather, Chloe and Jacob were in great spirits for our shoot, and I love the huge personality that just oozes from this pint-sized pony. Does he have mischief written all over his face, or what?

welsh section c pony stallion

Chloe’s incredibly scrummy, beautifully mannered, Welsh Section C stallion, Jacob (Popsters Loaded Weapon) has to be one of the smartest looking ponies I’ve photographed at this time of year. And there’s good reason for that. Chloe and Jacob are currently counting down the days to Olympia!!

Sixteen-year-old Jacob, qualified for Olympia’s in-hand veterans class, back in June and they have been battling the threat of the winter woollies ever since. And what a fabulous job they’ve done. Look how good he looks!
Chloe blogs for Horse and Hound, so if you want to read about the day they qualified, check out It gave me goosebumps and is totally worth a read.

When you talk to Chloe, about Jacob, you can immediately tell how much he means to her. Chloe and her mum do everything with him, and it’s so lovely to see a hard-working home-produced partnership doing so well. The road to success has been a long one for the pair of them. Chloe has had Jacob for seven years and in their first year together, he fractured his knee in a freak accident, missing out on RIHS and HOYS. But he defied the opinion of vets by making a full recovery. And then, a couple of years ago, another blow came when Jacob suffered a hock injury whilst standing at stud. But once again, he bounced back against the odds. Jacob really is the pony with nine lives, as he’s now completely sound and Chloe says, better than he’s ever been.

equine photographer kent

These two were just so much fun. Chloe is bubbly and her smile is just infectious, whilst Jacob is the ultimate cool-dude! I wish you every bit of luck at Olympia guys. I can’t wait to hear your report.

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent



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