Maxine & Barney – Equine Photography, Kent

equine photographer kentAnybody who follows my blog or social media pages regularly, will know that I have a Cocker Spaniel, who I totally dote on, called Barney. So I already had a bit of a soft spot for my equine model at Monday’s shoot before I’d even met him.

Meet Barney, the cob x Friesian, dressaging diva. And a real cheeky chappy!

Maxine’s hubby, Mark, rung me after receiving strict instructions to book her an equine photoshoot for her birthday. Maxine has lost an incredible five stone in weight, in the last two years and I am totally in awe of her efforts.

equine photographer kent

As we jumped in the car to scout out the best shoot locations, Maxine told me that she used to event, before swapping to the world of dressage. Unfortunately, she suffered a fall and snapped her ankle putting a premature end to her eventing days. When she was looking for a new horse, she tried out many athletic, typey Warmbloods and sport horses, but couldn’t find that horse that she clicked with.

It was entirely by chance that she came across Barney, who didn’t tick any of her boxes, when Mark told the dealer to bring him out anyway. As soon as Maxine saw him move, she fell in love. And Maxine and Barney have been strutting their stuff together, proving that cobs don’t just plod, ever since!

equine photographer kent

This shoot was quite a technical challenge. It was the greyest of grey, winter days, with rain clouds full to bursting, but not quite letting go, looming over and blocking out pretty much all of the light. Although a bit of cloud coverage is preferable to bright, midday sunshine, these clouds really meant business. However, the colours of the lane that Maxine chose for her shoot were just stunning and I quickly slipped into geeky-photographer mode. There were sooo many spaces that we could have utilised, down this unmade road. It was like an explosion of colour. Yellows, oranges, greens and a thick carpet of golden leaves. Little pockets of light. The perfect Autumn backdrop.

Barney was a complete show off and jogged all the way to and from the lane, prancing and posing like a pro. Thanks to Maxine and Barney, for a great shoot, and to Mark, for getting in touch and driving me around the Kent country lanes in his nice, warm car.

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent

equine photographer kent

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