Jaime & Hlebor (a.k.a. Bob) – Equine Photography, Essex

equine photographer essex

Oh, this shoot. It’s everything I love about winter photoshoots.

Sue contacted me a little while back, to arrange a Mud to Makeup shoot for her daughter Jaime’s eighteenth, which is in December. They opted to brave the cold and go for a winter shoot, so that Jaime would be able to see the images before her birthday. So, on Sunday, Sherrie and I went over to their yard in Little Wakering, for a bitterly cold, but absolutely beautiful shoot.

Jaime has had Russian Trakehner, Hlebor, better known as Bob, for just over four years, and I think it’s fair to say that their story had a pretty turbulent start.

Sue told us that Jaime has always been tall, so when she was thirteen and they were looking for a horse for her, they went to view Bob, who was big enough for her Jaime’s long legs, but described as a total saint. It turned out that he wasn’t quite the quiet, easy ride they’d been led to believe and Jaime began to notice little things that he couldn’t or wouldn’t do when asked, and his questionable behaviour became gradually worse.

equine photographer essex

After one particular bad episode, Bob landed Jaime in hospital and her injury was so bad that she ended up needing surgery and metal plates. Luckily for Bob, rather than giving up on him, Jaime decided to get a specialist opinion on his outbursts, and it seemed that poor Bob had been carrying quite a lot of pain around with him.

‘His and hers’ operations later and Jaime was determined to get herself back in Bob’s saddle, despite many people writing him off as dangerous and unsuitable. With a lot of help and even more determination, Jaime’s efforts paid off. The pair now compete in showjumping and whilst Bob still has his quirks and is by no means an easy ride, Jaime clearly adores her sensitive boy. They have a really special, close relationship and an undeniable bond, which I assume must have developed as a result of everything they have been through together.

equine photographer essex

It’s so heart-warming to hear when horses and their humans have been through such trials but persevered and come out on top. Sue admits that she’d never ride Bob herself, because he can still be such an unpredictable, flighty horse, but it’s clear that Jaime understands him, worships the ground he walks on and he trusts her completely. And he is absolutely full of personality, too! Jaime says that he loves showjumping, isn’t very good at dressage and hates cross country because he doesn’t like getting his feet dirty.

So, thanks to a fabulous pair of models, a very helpful mum, the bestest make-up artist, a stunning location and the most beautiful, dreamy, early-afternoon, winter light, I am totally in love with this shoot! Sometimes, everything just falls into place. 🙂

Thank you for having us, ladies!

Hair and make-up by Sherrie Warwick

equine photographer essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

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