Katy & Arnie – Equine Photography, Essex

equine photography essex

I’m afraid this might be another tear jerker, so have your Kleenex at the ready. But I think it will also make you smile. You can’t not smile when you meet Arnie the Arab.

This was my sixth trip to Lubards Farm. It’s a huge livery yard with blocks of stables dotted all over the place, so I’ve been back and forth throughout the year. However, unfortunately, this trip was a little more sombre than the rest.

After seeing my post about the gorgeous Noir the other week, Katy contacted me to ask if I would come over and photograph her boy, Arnie. Unfortunately, Arnie has been poorly for a while and Katy is having to face a difficult decision if he doesn’t respond to his current treatment, which is looking unlikely. “The vet is worried as he seems to be getting worse, not better,” Katy told me.

equine photography essex

Katy has had nineteen-year-old Arnie since he was just a baby. This pair were actually going to be part of a group shoot I did at Lubards in the summer, but weren’t able to join us in the end, so Katy was desperate to get Arnie’s photos done incase she has to say goodbye to him.

This little horse has the biggest character. He is such a pickle and had everyone in fits of laughter, throughout the shoot, as they reminisced over stories of Arnie’s past. I get the impression that this is something of a regular occurrence where Arnie is concerned. Katy wanted a picture of Arnie with everybody that loves him, so friends and family gathered together to pose with him and the tales they had to tell, between shots, were great fun to listen to. Apparently Arnie can be a bit nifty with his teeth, although he doesn’t seem to do it in an aggressive way. If you’ve not got your wits about you, he’ll take hold of your clothing (or whatever else he can reach) but he’ll do it with his ears forward and a cheeky smile on his face. He’s also a total foody and was even being hand fed by some of his fan club as we worked. “As long as he’s got something in his mouth, he’s happy,” Katy joked. What a diva!

equine photography essex

Katy and Arnie have done a bit of everything together. It is abundantly clear that Arnie is loved by all and is a personality that you can’t not miss, when he isn’t around.

I’ve got my fingers so tightly crossed for a miracle, for you, Katy. Stranger things have happened and I’m just praying that your lovely boy turns himself around and has many happy years ahead of him.

Lots of love.

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex

equine photography essex



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