Kara & Inca – Equine Photography, Essex

equine photographer essex

What a beautiful shoot. And another triumph against the British winter.

The day before Kara’s shoot, sunshine had been streaming in through my living room window and I’d crossed my fingers that the following day would deliver the same dreamy light. But the day I visited Kara and Inca, and their three adorable Spaniels, at their yard in Tiptree, it was grey, muddy and windy.

Thankfully, Kara wasn’t put off and was still game for traipsing through the mud and battling the elements, to create a great shoot.

Kara has had her beautiful Warmblood mare, Inca, for ten years. She bought her from Belgium and tries to compete as often as possible. They seem to have a really close, fun relationship and Inca is a total foodie. Which is always very useful when it comes to photoshoot bribery!

Inca is just stunning. A real life black beauty. Her coat is jet black and though Kara was concerned about her looking a little bit fluffy at this time of year, I assured her that they never look as woolly in photographs as they do in the flesh. And Kara said that she likes the fact that Inca is darker in the winter than she is in the summer. I think you’ll agree, Inca’s dark coat looks fab against the backdrop of the Autumn leaves. I love all of the rich colours around right now.

equine photographer essex

Kara was married back in September and I was super excited when she said that she was thinking of putting her wedding dress on for our shoot. Although it’s quite a challenge in the technical sense, to ensure you keep the details in the horse’s coat and in the dress, due to the stark contrast of the black and white, I knew it would look gorgeous.

equine photographer essex

Most of my shoots include three outfit changes and if my client is struggling to decide on what to wear I advise that they go for three contrasting styles;
1. A horsey outfit – jods or jeans, yard boots and a t-shirt, polo shirt or tweed.
2. A smart casual outfit – think ‘going to lunch’, perhaps jeans or a skirt, a blouse and heels or smart flat shoes/boots
3. Something super glam – a ball gown, cocktail dress or an outfit you might wear out for the evening

Obviously this is just a rough guide, but I think Kara did a really great job of covering all bases, with her outfit choices.

equine photographer essex

Kara, thank you for being such a great sport. I love it when my clients are willing to go all out, don’t mind freezing their butts off to get the shot we’re after and aren’t afraid of wading through mud to get to the prettiest trees. You guys were fab! Thanks for having me.

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex

equine photographer essex

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