My 10 Favourite Equine Photographers

Top Equine Photographers

I love looking through Pinterest and Facebook, usually late in the evening, at other equine photographers’ work.

It is the thing that truly inspires me most. To see the passion and creativity that others put into their artwork and the beauty of different breeds and types from all around the world, motivates me more than anything and just makes me want to get out there, with my camera, all the more. If I’m lacking motivation or feeling uninspired, all I have to do is check out my favourite photographers and I’m ready to go…

And, I thought, if you follow my blog, you probably have at least some interest in equine photography, so I figured that you would probably enjoy looking through my 10 favourites.

So, in no particular order…

Katarzyna Okrzesik Photography

1. Katarzyna Okrzesik

Katarzyna’s images make me swoon every time I see it. She travels the world photographing the best of different breeds and she is just superb at what she does!
Follow Katarzyna Okrzesik on Facebook:


Shelley Paulson Photography

2. Shelley Paulson Photography

The incredibly talented Shelley Paulson, a photographer from Buffalo, produces some of the most emotive work I’ve seen. I always feel the passion between the horse and rider through Shelley’s photos and it’s something I aspire to achieve in my own work.
Follow Shelley Paulson Photography on Facebook:


Andrea Blair Photographer

3. Andrea Blair – Paper Horse Photogragraphy

Andrea Blair, of Paper Horse Photography, has an amazing ability to tell a story through her photographs. She has a fabulous series called the Senior Horse Project, which is just such a great idea.
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4. Emily Hancock

It was after seeing Hampshire based Emily’s work for the first time, that I really knew what I wanted to do. I had never even seen an equine photoshoot before. So, I definitely owe Emily Hancock and her work a lot! Her stuff is so classy and simply beautiful. And she now runs equine photography training courses, too. If I ever have the spare cash…
Follow Emily Hancock on Facebook:


ImagEquine Carien Schippers

5. ImagEquine – Carien Schippers

Carien Schippers and her photography business, ImagEquine, is a well known name in the equine photography industry. Super talented Northeast USA photographer, Carien, takes a lot of stock images as well as creating beautiful work from farm visits and equine events. Her work is natural and her passion for horses shines through her work.
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 Mark Harvey Photography

6. Mark Harvey Photography

Mark Harvey’s photography style is totally different to most of the other photographers I follow, and to my own, but I just love what he does. He does a lot of studio style work, with very dramatic lighting, and he is an absolute master in his chosen niche. He’s photographed some huge names, too, so it’s always interesting to see what famous faces might pop up on his page.
Follow Mark Harvey Photography on Facebook:


Tracy Robertson Photography

7. Tracy Robertson Photography

I drool over this lady’s work on a regular basis. She is responsible for taking so many ‘I wish I’d taken that’ images! Tracy is from South Africa and has some breathtaking backdrops at her disposal. I could look at her work all day long.
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Kirstie Marie Photography

8. Kirstie Marie Photography

Kirstie Marie is another photographer with such a distinctive style. Her work is soft, dreamy and beautifully natural. Her clients always have such big smiles, so I can only assume that she brings this out in them. She’s also fab at telling a story through her shoots. Kirstie is super sweet, too, and the fact that she’s from Dallas, Texas gets her even more cool points!
Follow Kirstie Marie Photography on Faceook:


Sue Westwood Ruttledge

9. Sue Westwood Ruttledge – Horse Photographer UK

UK photographer, Sue Westwood Ruttledge was one of my big inspirations when I was first starting out on this equine photography journey. She has such a bold, distinctive and recognisable style and is great at capturing the relationship between horses and their humans.
Follow Sue Westwood Ruttledge on Facebook:


Carina Maiwald Fotografie

10. Carina Maiwald Fotografie

I am in awe at Carina’s use of light. Based in Germany, her photographs have such a magical, ethereal feel to them, because she just knows how to manipulate light. Not to mention the fact that she has some absolutely magnificent equine models!
Follow Carine Maiwald Fotografie on Facebook:


Check them out, give them a follow, show them some love!

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