Mieka, Piko, Blue & Kudos – Equine Photoshoot, Kent

equine photographer kentThe most elegant little heads. The dinkiest little muzzles. The teeniest, tiniest little hooves, that pitter-patter, at a trot, everywhere they go. These little guys and girls are just the sweetest, most adorable little characters. I could have spent all day with them.

I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about miniature horses. I kind of just thought they were like very, very small ponies, that weren’t much bigger than my mum’s Labrador. And to all intents and purposes, they are. But the world of miniatures is, evidently, so different to the world of ordinary sized horses.

Beckie Bonfield, of Kantara Miniatures, asked me over to her peaceful yard in Kent, to photograph her pint-sized ponies and I spent the morning learning about miniatures. Beckie explained how different showing miniatures is to showing larger horses. For starters, she brought out a box of tack, full of bling and feathers and all kinds of colours. I think my eyes lit up. I’m thinking of campaigning to get feathers allowed in ordinary horse showing classes.

My morning at Beckie’s was so much fun. I felt like I was getting my own little miniatures master-class. There’s so much that goes into competing with these ponies. The turn out, the behaviour, the conformation, the different breeds and crosses, the colours, the way of going… And can you believe, little Piko, the coloured stallion even does dressage! I know, I couldn’t figure out how that worked either, but it’s all done whilst being long-reined. How awesome is that?!

Our first model was the beautiful Mieka (Toyhorse Moccachino). I am reliably informed that Mieka is an unusual chestnut, Falabella blend, Appaloosa. Beckie has only had Mieka for around four weeks, and before that, she was virtually untouched. It seems she is thriving in Beckie’s care, because she is the sweetest little girl. She recently went to Mini HOYS and went Reserve Champion Falabella Blend of the Year and Reserve Champion Spotted Horse of the Year.

Second in front of the camera was Piko (Kinsky Mini Pikolino), Beckie’s pure Falabella, black pinto stallion. What this little man lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in character. He is such a mischievous little monkey and I absolutely loved him. Beckie admits to having quite weakness for him, too. As I mentioned earlier, Piko is part of the MHCGB Dressage Team and trains with Tanya Larrigan, for long rein dressage, which I think is absolutely awesome. He also jumps and Beckie says he just loves to perform.

Blue (Looking Glass Wild Blue Vision) was next up. Ten-year-old, black snowflake Appaloosa purebred Falabella stallion, Blue has been with Beckie for a couple of weeks and Beckie has high hopes for his showing career in 2015. He was super cute and seemed so willing to please. Anybody who knows me, or follows my blog regularly, will know that I love photographing horses of unusual colours, markings or breeds, so I was in awe of Blue and Mieka’s colouring.

Last but not least, little baby Kudos stole the show. Kudos (Looking Glass Perfect Storm) is Beckie’s new bay, Falabella blend weanling and is the dinkiest little pony I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe that he was real. He just looks like a doll. Beckie says that he is under the impression that he is 17hh, though. Beckie says, “We are very excited about this little guy here at Kantara Miniatures. His debut is the new years day parade in london 2015.”

miniature horse photography

chestnut falabella blend appaloosa

Toyhorse moccachino

Kinsky mini pikolino

falabella black pinto stallion

falabella black pinto stallion

Looking glass wild blue vision

snowflake appaloosa

Appaloosa falabella stallion

Kantara Miniatures

Looking Glass Perfect Storm

falabella blend

Falabella colt foal

Kantara Miniatures

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