Beauty Revived – Do You Know Someone Who REALLY Deserves an Equine Photoshoot?

beauty revived uk equine photographer

I was browsing through a photography group that I’m a member of, on Facebook, the other day, when I came across Beauty Revived. I was so inspired by the idea and the stories I read. I spent hours trawling through the BR website, Facebook group, etc. taking in everything I could about the project. And I just knew, instantly, that I wanted to be a part of it.

Let me tell you a little about it. I’ve taken the following information straight from the BR website, because I felt it was the best way to describe it…


“Beauty through the lens of photographers who care.  Beauty Revived is a place for photographers to give back.  It is a site that encourages photographers to use their lens for good.  All that is required is to giveaway one free session.

Mission Statement: To uplift, inspire and empower photographers of faith and integrity to shed light on the good, the strong and the beautiful.

What is a Beauty Revived Session?  A Beauty Revived session is a session donated by a photographer to a woman who displays attributes of true beauty.  These sessions can be done any way and style but should be appropriate to tell their story.”


So, with a lot of attention currently on the media and the over-use of photoshop, I am on the hunt for true beauty!

I am joining the Beauty Revived movement and asking YOU to nominate somebody that you think is worthy of a free Beauty Revived photoshoot with their horse. Or with your horse. Or a horse they care for… Whatever! I will be the first UK photographer to get involved with the BR project, and as far as I know, the first equine photographer, too so let’s make it good and show the Americans what we’re made of!

I want you to nominate a truly beautiful, horsey woman. A woman with beauty on the inside. Perhaps you have a friend who has been through a difficult time, who has overcome a struggle, who has done something heroic, selfless or kind, who has saved a horse that others’ might have given up on, who is always looking out for others and doesn’t have time for themselves…

If you know somebody who you think is truly beautiful on the inside and deserves this special treat, I want to hear about them!

This fantastic shoot comes complete with…

  • A fabulous makeover by my genius hair and make-up artist, Sherrie Warwick
  • A gorgeous horse print scarf from The Dog and Dobbin
  • A super cute tweed ear-warmer from Sew Tweed
  • A necklace, in a new exclusive design, from Enigma Horsehair Jewellery
  • Three 8″x12″ prints of their choice
  • And to top it off, Supreme Products have also generously agreed to perform a full makeover on our equine model, too!

To nominate a beautiful woman for a Beauty Revived equine photoshoot, just enter your details in the contact form below…

To find out more about each of the very generous companies and individuals who have donated their products and services, to make this shoot extra special, check out the links below. Please how them some love and gratitude by liking their pages…

Sherrie Warwick – Hair and Make-up Artist

The Dog & Dobbin

Sew Tweed

Enigma Horsehair Jewellery

Supreme Products


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3 Responses to Beauty Revived – Do You Know Someone Who REALLY Deserves an Equine Photoshoot?

  1. Reblogged this on ASPIRE NEWSBOOK – Official Blog of Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy and commented:
    Pretty neat action that deserves sharing 🙂

  2. lafiaba says:

    Have just nominated a very well deserving lady, fingers crossed!

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