Louise & Family – Family Photoshoot, Essex



family photoshoot essex

I don’t often do family photoshoots. I often only do them for people I know or have worked with before on equine shoots, etc. In truth, photographing people without horses makes me a little nervous. But when Louise sent me a message to say that she was in need of some family photographs, I was happy to oblige.

Louise needed a family portrait to send to her Grandad, for his 90th birthday. When I asked what her time frame for the portrait was, her answer was “The portrait was due last weekend, lol, so asap.” So we quickly arranged to meet after school at a park near their home in Southend.

I photographed Louise, her three children, their two horses and two dogs, back in May, when I made a visit to Potton Island livery yard, for a two-day, group shoot of over 20 people and horses. I absolutely loved working with them. The two younger children, Harry and Emma, were so full of energy. We had them running up and down the field with the dogs, Emma’s beautiful dress trailing in the wet grass. They were really great sports. And May, Louise’s eldest daughter is an absolute pleasure to photograph. She’s such a natural in front of the camera and she photographs so well. So, I was more than happy to meet them for a quick shoot on Monday evening.

With a slightly optimistic starting time, Louise and the children were rushing to get to me after school. And their entrance to the park really made me laugh. I was standing over one side of the pond when they came barrelling into the park, on the other side. Harry and Emma raced around the waters edge, like two little whirlwinds, announcing their arrival to their dad, Daniel, who was already there, and I, huffing and puffing dramatically. Whilst May and Louise followed along behind.

And, true to my memory, Harry and Emma had endless amounts of energy throughout the shoot, running and leaping around the park, whilst May humoured them and laughed with them. I wanted to capture the fun nature of Louise and Daniel’s family, so I had them do lots of silly things, like blowing raspberrys and seeing how high they could jump, which Harry thought was a great idea!

Louise, Daniel, May, Harry and Emma, it was a pleasure to work with you guys, again. I hope I’ve done your beautiful family justice and thank you for being such great models!

family photoshoot essex



family photoshoot essex


family photoshoot essex

family photoshoot essex

family photoshoot essex

family photoshoot essex

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