Send Me Your Men for Christmas 2014

Equine Photoshoot for Christmas


So, back in some sunny, ridiculously early month, like June, when winter was nowhere to be seen, I was thinking about what to do with my marketing this Christmas.

I get so many women say that they’d love a shoot as a gift, but I realised that my problem was that their men probably don’t even know I exist, and even if their wives and girlfriends drop humongous hints, do they really listen? So, here’s what I’ve come up with. And it doesn’t just have to be men, I just liked the sound of that slogan! 😉

If you fancy pulling an Equine Photoshoot voucher out of your Christmas stocking this festive season, all you have to do is go to my website, click on the Send Me Your Men for Christmas link and fill in the form provided.

By doing this, you will send me the details of your husband, boyfriend, partner, parents, grandparents or pretty anybody you think might love you enough to buy you a lovely Christmas present. Following this, I will send them an email with all of the details they need to book a shoot. Your photoshoot can then be booked any time within the following year on a date convenient for you. It couldn’t be easier. For you or for them!

They don’t have to leave the comfort of the sofa, or the demands of their office, brave the shops or even exercise any brain power, and you get the perfect gift come Christmas morning!

To submit your loved-one’s details and make sure you have Christmas all wrapped up, go to Send Me Your Men for Christmas now!


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