Lauren, Summer & Diamond – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

equine photographer essex

I’m convinced the weather is playing tricks on me. One day is miserable, overcast and blowing a gale, we’re dodging rain showers and my clients are having serious hair vs. lip-gloss issues because of the wind, and the next day I’m trying to avoid glaring sunlight and searching out shady spots. Autumn is certainly enjoying keeping me on my toes so far.

My shoot on Sunday was supposed to be a two-person group-shoot, but that’s a story for a whole other time. But, in the end, I was only photographing Lauren, her dun Welsh x Connemara, Diamond and Lauren’s family, including her very gorgeous little girl, Summer.

I’m pretty sure Diamond hated me. Ok, so maybe not me specifically, but the idea of a photoshoot on a lazy Sunday morning, definitely! No joke. All of her friends were happily grazing out in the field and she was being forced to pose and behave and stand still and look pretty and… Life. Is. Stressful!

Diamond is a good example of the fact that some ponies take to these shoots like a duck to water, and don’t bat an eyelid, whereas some really do find it quite a disruption to their routine. They’re all different and whatever their reaction, we deal with it and work out how to get the best from each of them. The most important thing is that the owner doesn’t get stressed and upset. If we humans remain calm and level headed, everything else will fall into place. And, above all else, stress photographs terribly!

It took us a good while to get Diamond to settle, but whilst Lauren was changing outfits, I took her for a nice, quite wander, up and down the driveway and eventually, she seemed to calm down. We negotiated and I think we bonded. What made it a little more of a challenge was that Diamond was much happier stood out on the open fields, under the glaring midday sun, where she could see her friends, rather than under the trees, in the shady areas. So, this meant I had to make the light I was given work for us, rather than search out the areas of soft light. Again, an example of how working with horses often means having a plan, but being prepared to through it away, depending on how your equine model reacts.

But, with all this in mind, I’m nicknaming this little lady ‘Diamond the Diva’. But then, I’m pretty sure faces like that were made to get away with pretty much anything. Such a pretty little pony!

Diamond the Diva is pretty much retired now, after injury put her out of work, and is often the case, once a pony gets to a certain age and is no longer the spritely youngster they once were, owners are often keen to capture some lasting memories of them, ‘just in case’. Lauren also wanted photographs for little Summer’s bedroom, so I hope I’ve achieved what you were wanting there, Lauren. I know it was quite a stressful morning and things didn’t go exactly to plan, but it was lovely meeting you all, nonetheless. Thank you for having me.

equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex


equine photographer essex

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