Lucinda, Cookie, Mac, Bertie & Simmy – Equine Photoshoot, Hertford

equine photographer hertford

Everywhere I look, leaves are falling, trees are turning to orange and brown, and summer is becoming more of a distant memory every day. Until I reached my shoot location on Sunday. As I drove up the driveway, I was amazed by the colours or the flowers and the greenery of the trees. It seems that this little corner of Hertford is still holding on tightly to the last little remnants of summer.

Lucinda received a photoshoot voucher as part of her Christmas present, last year, so on Sunday, I made the trip over to meet her and her whole collection of beautiful show horses. You know it’s going to be a good shoot when you’re offered a cup of tea and a Krispie Kreme doughnut within minutes of arriving!

The first of my beautifully turned out models was Cookie, or Kookaburra, as she is known in the ring. Cooke, Lucinda’s chestnut mare, wasn’t overly keen on having her photos taken. As far as she was concerned, there was no food involved so it was of no interest to her. Lucinda tells me that this little lady, who has had a very succesful showing career as a small hack, qualifying for both HOYS and RIHS, is ruled by her belly. And, as if on cue, as soon as the doughnuts came out, her ears flicked forward!

Our second victim was ex-racehorse, Mac. Bay Thoroughbred, Mac used to race both on the flat and over hurdles and now lives a quieter pace of life with Lucinda. However, apparently life is quite a challenge for Mac, what with everything being so scary. Lucinda hopes to begin his showing career next year in large hack and ROR classes. And despite his apparent stressful outlook on the world, Mac was a total angel for our shoot. I think he was trying to prove Lucinda and her mum wrong.

Bertie was next up. Gorgeous Bertie, the maxi cob, who is also more formally known as Deards Blue Bayou. Bertie has had an erratic start to his showing career, having qualified for RIHS and taken Novice Maxi Cob at the BSHA Nat Champs in his first season, and then sadly been out of the ring with a ligament injury for most of the year. But just recently, he visited the Nat Champs again this year and won all of his classes. So fingers crossed next year Bertie will have a much better time of it. This horse was a total dude and I think wondered what an earth was the matter with us all, standing him in strange places and waving things about in front of him. But nevertheless, he co-oporated beautifully and, quite predictably, I fell a little bit in love with the big chunky cob.

And lastly, but by no means least, Simmy came out to play. Simmy, or Pilgrims Confidence, is Lucinda’s old boy, who certainly seems to have earned his stripes in his time, and is very clearly adored by both Lucinda and her mum. And what a superstar he is too. Having done extremely well in the show ring for many years, Simmy is now retired and enjoying a life of luxury. And he really did show them all how it was done, posing like a pro without us even having to ask. I think Simmy is after a new career in catalogue modelling to give him something to do in his spare time.

Before I wrap this up, I just have to mention, for anybody who has booked, or is thinking of booking a shoot in the future, that Lucinda has done a great job of dress to compliment the colour of her horses. She’s opted for brown, neautral, earthy tones to match the chestnut and the bay, a solid black dress to contrast with the grey cob and then a very simple but elegant black and white outfit to go with Simmy. All paired with simple accessories that complete each outfit. A really good example of much colour matters when thinking about your outfits.

Thank you so much, Lucinda and family, for having me over on Sunday. It was a pleasure to meet your lovely gang, who were so perfectly turned out and such a joy to work with. If I don’t see you before hand, best of luck at HOYS on Sunday!! And hopefully see you there!

equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford

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