Kay, Mac & Kimi – Mud to Makeup Shoot, Cambridge

equine photographer cambridge

I love a nice, chunky cob. They have so much character and they’re usually so personable. I love when I turn up to a shoot and my equine model is in my pockets, giving me kisses and just generally wanting cuddles and attention. Every horsey girl has a type and though I am guilty of falling in love with most of my clients and love horses of all shapes and sizes, cobs are my type. Big, small, hogged or hairy… I’m definitely a cob girl. Maybe I just identify with the more curvy type! 😉

So, I was super excited to visit Kay and her two scrummy boys, Kimi and Mac, in Cambridge, last week for her makeover shoot. These boys are proper cobs and if they’d have fit, I’d have stuffed them in the boot of my mini and taken them home.

I photographed Kay and Mac, the lighter grey of the two, last year at the BSHA Nat Champs at Addington, when Mac was picked as a competition winner, by Total Impact Equestrian, to model the cob bridle of their new range of Jayne Ross bridles. Following their mini shoot, Kay then booked for me to come out and photograph her and her boys properly. And at the last minute, she decided a makeover would also be a nice addition to her shoot, and luckily, Sherrie was available to work her magic. I think, when Sherrie mentioned that she’d be using false lashes and putting Kay’s hair in rollers, Kay was initially quite apprehensive, but I think you’ll agree, the results were subtle, yet classy. I always find that clients feel much more confident in front of my lens if Sherrie has done their hair and make-up before hand.

But, of course, the stars of the show, were Mac and Kimi, who were both real natural posers and looked very proud throughout their shoot. Mac, who is a maxi-cob has had a very successful showing career, having qualified for the Horse of the Year Show numerous times, including this year. And Kimi began his showing career this season, so will be out and about more next year. Both cobs are completely home produced and were very nervous when Kay acquired them, but she says that their passion for mints is what has won them round every time.

“All of my horses are named after something to do with Formula One,” Kay told me. Mac’s showname is Hortons Maclaren and she said, “Kimi is named after Kimi Raikkonen, because he thinks he knows everything,” of her younger horse.

Thank you, Kay, for having Sherrie and I, and for letting us cuddle your puppies. I’m surprised we got any work done at all! And best of luck to you and Mac, for HOYS next week! I have my fingers crossed for you.

And, as always, thank you to Sherrie Warwick, not only for doing such a fabulous job with hair and makeup, and making Kay feel like a VIP, but for the company, for getting ears forward and just generally being a fab photoshoot buddy! 😀

equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge

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