Diana & Passé – Equine Photoshoot, Cambridge

equine photographer cambridge

When I pulled up to the location that I’d programmed into my sat-nav, the first thing I noticed was the saddlery that I parked just in front of. And the first thought that entered my mind was that this evening could end with me spending more than I was earning.

But luckily, as Christina popped her head out of the door, I asked if my car was ok where it was and she told me that the would be closing in five minutes. I tried to convince myself that this was definitely a good thing. Coming out to a shoot and spending all of my money was not a good idea.

Christina Fisher got in touch via Facebook a while back, to arrange a photoshoot voucher for her mum, Diana’s birthday, in August. I really love being a birthday present. I feel honoured that people want to give a shoot as a gift to somebody they love and I always enjoy the surprise and secrecy of it. It’s a great feeling, sending out a cute gift box and booking pack, knowing somebody will be unwrapping it on their birthday!

Diana, her husband Mark and daughter, Christina, own and run Woolcroft Equine Services, which comprises of Woolcroft Saddlery, training, saddle fitting, and other services. Christina showed me onto the yard, behind the house, whilst Diana was getting ready, and introduced me to Passé. My model for the evening. Now, every female photographer loves the idea of working with a handsome male model, and Passé is just about as gorgeous as they come! He is a Dutch bred dressage stallion, and as you can see, he is absolutely breathtaking. I instantly fell in love with his handsome face and was really excited to photograph him. I knew that the camera would love him and I had lots of geeky fun playing around with his head shots, as you can see.

Diana has competed up to Prix St. George level, training with the likes of Carl Hester and Richard Davison, and she and Passé are quite the team. Christina told me that when Diana first saw Passé as a four year old, she was actually looking for a horse for somebody else. But she spotted him and just knew she had to have him. Passé is now sixteen and they clearly have a very special, successful partnership.

Thank you for inviting me to your home, Diana and Christina. And thank you to Mark, Oscar and Harry, who were also dragged into my firing line for a few shots.

equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge


equine photographer cambridge

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