Sam, Louie, Rosie & Dior – Mud to Makeup Shoot, Kent

equine photographer kent

You may remember, back in June, I ran a competition for somebody to win a Mud to Makeup photoshoot. If you aren’t familiar with these, they aare equine photoshoots which incorporate a full makeover, including hair and make-up, with my super duper make-up artist, Sherrie Warwick.

I adore doing these shoots. They are my favourite! Firstly, I get the company of Sherrie, who just cracks me up (and buys me food!) on our lengthy car journeys. Secondly, I love that my clients are made to feel extra special for the day. And lastly, it’s always a pleasure to photograph somebody when they’ve been made to look their very best, by Sherrie.

Samantha Castle was chosen as our lucky competition winner! And on Saturday, Sherrie and I travelled to Sandwich to meet Sam and her three horses, at her parent’s beautiful home.

Sam and I had discussed her outfit options before the date, and I love how she tied in all of the colours for each choice. Check out Louie and Dior’s blue and red browbands, Rosie’s pink garland and Dior’s red mane accessories! It’s always so satisfying for me when so much thought and effort has gone into a shoot. I put so much of myself into what I do, and it’s incredibly gratifying when my clients do the same.

Sam is the owner of Castle Stud, where she buys, sells and produces top quality, hand picked, competition horses. Some of the horses that Sam has sourced, brought on and sold are now competing around the world, at the highest level, in showjumping, dressage and eventing, with some very high profile owners, such as Guy Williams, the Breens and the Whitakers.

On the morning of her shoot, Sam had hacked Louie and Rosie the short distance over to her parents’ home, so that we could use the surrounding gardens as our backdrop. Sherrie and I were totally head over heels in love with this place. It had so many nooks and crannies that I wanted to use. I could have shot here all day long. But I think three-year-old Louie, the big bay with the adorable white face, had had quite enough of waiting around by the time we were done.

Four year old Dior, who is quite the diva and suits her name down to the ground, is spending time in the paddock behind the garden at the moment, whilst benefits from some Dr. Green and grows into her huge frame. She’s going to be one impressive girl. And last, but certainly not least, there is Rosie. Twenty-three-year-old Rosie is Sam’s pride and joy, and was certainly the star of this show.

Thank you to Sam, for having us, for Sam’s lovely Mum, for supplying tea and cakes, Sherrie, for doing a fabulous job, as always, and to Sam’s amazing friends and boyfriend, for their endless patience, helping hands and enthusiasm. What a really lovely morning!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Mud to Makeup shoots, take a look at my website, at!mud-to-makeup/cuji

And don’t forget to give Sam’s ‘Castle Stud’ Facebook page a like, too…

equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent


equine photographer kent

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