Happy Birthday Mum

happy birthday mum

Cups of tea. Daytime television. Orange Wednesdays. Our dogs. These are our ‘things’.

It has to be said that my Mum and I are not really all that alike. We definitely aren’t the poster girls for ‘like mother, like daughter’. She is emotional, I hardly ever cry. She is very sensitive, I am fairly tough. She gets upset, I get angry. She’s terrified of horses, horses are my life. It’s fair to say that I am definitely my father’s daughter in many ways.

But, no matter how different we are, she is one of my first and closest friends. And my most loyal supporter. (Although I think she wishes I did newborn photography, rather than equine. 😉 )

happy birthday mum

Four years ago, I flew the nest. After two years of living in a rented house, my other half and I decided that we’d prefer to save all the money we were spending on rent, and put it towards a deposit to buy our own home. So two years ago, I announced to Mum and Dad that I, my boyfriend and my crazy Cocker Spaniel were all moving back home to live in the little apartment over their garage! So, for two years, we’ve lived in a very busy household of six adults, three dogs and two cats. It’s a mad house.

Seeing as half of my work is done at home, editing photographs, my mum and I spend a whole lot of time together. Every morning that I’m not at a shoot, we put the world to rights over breakfast, and ‘shall we put the kettle on?’ is uttered far more than is probably healthy.

So, now that we’re looking to get our own place again, and both my brothers are about to move into their own flat, Mum is a little distraught that she will be losing her tea companion and that I’m taking my dog with me! But I promise to always keep my door open whenever you want to pop in for a cuppa, Mum, and to allow you to look after my dog whenever you need a Barney cuddle.

So, to my mum, my friend and my tea buddy – I love you millions. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday mum

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