Bridget, Prince & Val – Equine Photoshoot, Hertfordshire

equine photographer hertford

“This is Prince. He has won everything. He is the rock-star!” This is how I was introduced the the very dapper ex-racehorse, when I arrived at my location, early on a very misty Saturday morning, to find Prince tied up outside his stable, ready for his close up.

Make no mistake; the star of this photoshoot was Prince. He is the hero and he was very much the poser of the pair. Val, his successor, is just along for the ride and is still earning his stripes. And he has rather big boots to fill, too.

Bridget, who admits to having a penchant for bays, keeps her two ex-racehorses, Prince (Kalinor) and Lord Valanour, at her beautiful home in Hertfordshire. She has owned Prince for twelve years and it is clear that she absolutely adores him.  However, sadly, he can no-longer be ridden and is now living a well-deserved life of leisure.

So, with this in mind, Bridget went in search of Prince’s predecessor. She’d decided that she wanted something easier, something smaller and something more reliable than another ex-racer. Perhaps a cob, she thought. So, obviously, she ended up with a lanky bay Thoroughbred who’d barely done any ridden work other racing, and was pushing 17hh. Who else has been there?

Having sung Prince’s praises, it didn’t go unnoticed that Bridget is really rather fond of her younger horse, too. She has owned him for a little over a year and describes him as having a good attitude and being a kind horse.

Thank you for having me, Bridget, and thank you for the tea. You have a beautiful home and a gorgeous family of fur-babies.

equine photographer hertford


equine photographer hertford


Prince proving that he’s totally comfortable with his masculinity!

equine photographer hertford

equine photographer hertford

Honey took her role as project manager very seriously. Making sure we’re doing it right. 

equine photographer hertford

equine photographer hertford

equine photographer hertford

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