Stephanie & Finn – Equine Photoshoot, West Sussex

equine photography west sussex

The Juggernaut! That is the name that Stephanie’s sister, Jackie, has affectionately bestowed upon Finn. And I can see why. Nine-year-old, Finn, is certainly a chunky monkey, but it is his unparalleled strength that has earned him the nickname. However, thankfully, despite his brawn, and the fact he is partial to regular bouts of fence trashing, he is also a total sweetheart. “You know when you get on a horse, and you just don’t feel nervous, at all?” Stephanie says, of when she went to try Finn for the first time.

After she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her previous horse, Stephanie was informed about a grey, five-year-old who was currently giving rides at the local riding school, but wasn’t entirely suited to the job and was looking for a new loan home. After trying him out on a wet and windy day, and just clicking with him, Stephanie brought a scruffy looking Finn home, dreadlocks and all, and their journey together begun.

And then in 2013, Finn’s elderly owner surprised Stephanie by gifting Finn to her. “I feel I can never repay her, for what she has given to me,” Stephanie told me.

Stephanie and Finn have competed in cross country, showjumping, one day events, showing, dressage and even tried their hand at endurance, too. It seems that Finn is quite the jack of all trades.

His unflappable nature was certainly noticeable during his shoot. Whilst Stephanie climbed aboard wearing a skin-tight, blue evening dress and heels, Finn stood stock still like this was the kind of occurrence he dealt with daily. He wasn’t bothered by a thing. In fact, we had a bit of a job keeping him awake for the duration of his shoot, despite Jackie dancing around behind me, with her pack of baby wipes. Well, until the mints made an appearance. Then he woke up significantly!

I absolutely adore Finn’s striking colouring. At nine-years-old, I can’t believe how dark his coat still is and how defined and prominent his dapples are. And the blue of Stephanie’s dress, (from Mousetrap of Chichester) just complimented him perfectly.

Lucky Stephanie admits that she has been lucky enough to have not just one, but two ponies of a lifetime, in both her old horse and now Finn. “I could not ask for a better pony. I had a one in a million pony in my last one. And Finn is another one in a million, but with a lot more character.”

equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


equine photography west sussex


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