Sophie, Kasha, Princess, Glenis & Remondo – Equine Photoshoot, West Sussex

equine photographer sussex


They each have their own, unique stories to tell, so this might be quite a long blog, but I have to give them each the page space they deserve. Sophie’s four horses all have an interesting history and I absolutely loved hearing all about them, so hopefully you will, too.

Sophie keeps her animals at her parents’ home in West Sussex and has, by the sounds of things, given a wonderful home to animals, dogs, horses and even llamas, who wouldn’t have had one otherwise. Even Buster, the dog, was rescued from being tied to a roundabout with a barely legible note attached, with his name scrawled across it.

Our first model was twenty-one-year-old Kasha. Sophie had been messaging me on the run up to their shoot to tell me that Kasha had been unwell and she wasn’t sure whether she was going to be off of her box-rest in time for the date we’d booked. We even considered rescheduling, because Sophie said it just wouldn’t have been right not to include her. Luckily, Kasha is now on the mend and whilst she couldn’t go off of the yard, she could at least come out of her stable to pose for us. She and Sophie clearly have a very special relationship.

“Since losing my other lovely girl Lass last year very unexpectedly, Kasha has been my rock, people would think I’m crazy but I feel we’ve grieved together and I know she misses her as much as I do. The others miss her, too, and they have helped me through undoubtedly, but Kash gets it, as her and Lass were the best of friends.”

Next up we had little Princess. Seven-year-old Princess is apparently on a constant diet, but has always been, and will always be a curvy girl. I sympathise, Princess. You and me both. And I have to say, I fell head over heels in love with this pony, because, is that not just the cutest little face you have ever seen?! Sophie describes Princess’s previous owner as “a young traveller lad. He wasn’t cruel to her as such but certainly didn’t treat her with kindness or love either.” After Sophie had helped Princess when she had had colic a few times, she eventually made her owner an offer for her, and took her on as her own. To give her a job, Sophie decided she’d try to drive Princess. “‘All the gear and no idea’ pretty much summed us up!” But despite their steep learning curves along the way, Sophie and Princess enjoy their drives around the surrounding countryside together, with Glenis riding along side them.

Which leads me nicely to my next model; After Princess, I met Glenis. Sophie has owned thirty-two-year-old Glenis for twenty-five years now. When Sophie was seven, an uncontrollable Glenis became her first pony. Years of pony club, showing and jumping followed and Glenis is still ridden today, although now lives a somewhat slower pace of life, being hacked and lightly schooled by her sharer and second mum, Hannah, and occasionally by Sophie. Sophie says that Section B, Glenis, is the type of pony that could never be retired and I have to agree that this little pony is so full of life and you’d never imagine she was an old lady. I think somebody forgot to tell her her age!

Last, but certainly not least, Sophie introduced me to the tiny, but mighty, miniature stallion, Remondo. This pony is such a little dude and what he lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in character!! Remondo is Princess’s dad and Sophie came across him when he was injured in his field. “My husband and I walked him to our yard not knowing if he could make the long walk, what should take about 15 mins took over an hour and he was in pain. His owner said then, and on many an occasion in the months after, that he should be put down, but I wanted to give it my best shot to get him well.” Remondo, who was a prize winning stallion in his day, and even went to HOYS, is now also around thirty-two and as spirited as ever. He doesn’t walk anywhere, but jogs alongside Sophie the whole way, and when we walked him past Kasha’s stable, he didn’t hesitate to turn on the charm. Something tells me he might be punching above his weight there, but it seems Remondo thinks he might be in with a chance.

“It would have been such a waste to not give him a chance and I figure, whatever time he has left, at least he is happy, loved, groomed, fussed and cared for and that’s all that really matters.”

Sophie’s yard had such a warm, content feel about it and each with their own heart-warming stories, her animals are all clearly treasured unconditionally, and treated to the five star home they deserve. Thank you for having me, Sophie.


equine photographer sussex


equine photographer sussex


equine photographer sussex




equine photographer sussex


equine photographer sussex


equine photographer sussex


Remondo had an interesting little quirk, that I’ve never come across before. He didn’t like the noise of my camera. When I take a picture, most of the time, I will hold the button down and take two shots in quick succession. It just ensures that if they quickly flick an ear back, blink or poke their tongue out, I don’t miss the shot that I wanted. Well, every time my shutter clicked, Remondo threw his head up! So, every second shot was like the one above. It really made Sophie and I laugh!

equine photographer sussex


Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed Sophie, Kasha, Princess, Glenis & Remondo’s story, please leave a comment below! 🙂

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