10 Ideas for Displaying Your Images

10 ideas for displaying your photos

A lot of my clients aren’t very clear about what they want when it comes to choosing their images. And as much as I’m always thrilled when the client loves their photos enough to want all of them on a disc, I always love seeing my hard work in print.

I help them as much as I can when they’re choosing how they want to see their photographs, but I thought it might be useful to show you, photographers and clients alike, these 10 ideas, that I’ve pulled from Pinterest, which offer some great and creative options for displaying your images in your homes.

1. Big and Bold

An individual piece is the obvious choice for anybody opting for an acrylic or canvas. If you’re after one large piece, my advice would be that bigger is better. If you’ve got a big wall space, make sure you fill it, rather than hanging a too-small canvas or acrylic that gets lost.

Photo Display Ideas

From Sugar Bee Crafts

2. Fairy Lights

I love this idea! I’m so going to do this myself! Who doesn’t love fairy lights? If you want to order multiple prints, don’t know how to display them all but don’t want to shove them in a drawer to collect dust, this is such a gorgeous, fun idea. Just clip your prints onto the wire. Great for girls’ bedrooms, too!

Photo display ideas

From Lights4Fun

3. Shelve It

We’ve all seen canvasses hung on the wall. But how about this idea of multiple, smaller canvasses stood on a shelf, amongst other ornaments. It’s a bit different and I think you’ll agree, it looks great!

Photo display ideas

From Peekaboo Photography

4. Add Words

I really like this display of a mixture of canvasses, framed prints and words. In fact, my parents have something similar in their home, too.

Photo display ideas

From The Love Nerds

5. The Indoor Stable

Another adorable idea for a little girl’s bedroom, and super creative. I offer a novelty poster on my price list that would be just perfect for this. What little girl doesn’t want her pony in her bedroom?!

Photo display ideas

From Roomzaar

6. A Canvas Gallery

Choose a selection of your images to put onto different sized canvasses and create your own mini canvas gallery to fill a large wall space.

Photo display ideas

From Ellen Leroy Photography

7. Hang It 

If you’re after an original and attractive way to hang your images, I really love this idea of using ribbon to hang canvasses. Don’t these look gorgeous? Match the ribbon to your home décor for extra stunning results.

photo display ideas

From Jennifer Ramirez

8. Bed Headboard

A big, statement piece hung at the head of a bed is a great way to display an image and a really striking addition to any bedroom.

photo display ideas

From Etsy

9. Frame It

How great does this look?! If you don’t want to buy a huge piece, but want to fill a large space, why not leave a space around your canvas or acrylic and then add a gorgeous, bold border by surrounding it with an ornate frame. So simple, but so effective!

Photo display ideas

From Seasons of Joy

10. Acrylics

Acrylics look really fab when you choose images to create a small series. We can chat about which images would compliment one another and decide what sizes would work in your home.

Photo display ideas

From Shutterfly

Hopefully that should give you a bit of a hand when it comes to visualising your images in print and some ideas that you might never have considered.

If you want to check out some other ideas, you can find even more images on my Display Your Images board on Pinterest.

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