Debbie, Riley, Georgie, Ace & William – Equine Photoshoot, Norfolk

equine photographer norfolk



“No,” Riley scowled, and shook his head at me. It was the answer he’d given to everything I’d asked since I’d arrived. Do you want to have your picture taken? Do you want to ride your pony? Do you love your pony? Is your name Riley? No, no, no and no. Oh dear. I tried really hard not to laugh. 😉

“We’re having a ‘no’ day,” Debbie warned me. “We seem to have a lot of those lately.” Luckily, once we told Riley he could feed his pony, Georgie an apple, and made the shoot into a game, he forgot all about his No Day and became a bundle of energy and contagious giggles. We definitely ended the photoshoot as friends. And I love his little flat cap and tweed jacket combo!

And Georgie, the Shetland, is just a cutie-pie! He was endlessly patient and happy to munch on the grass whilst two-and-a-bit-year-old (the bit is very important) Riley bounded around the garden.

The very gorgeous Debbie owns a boarding kennels and often has up to 70 dogs at her home, aswell as her own dogs, her three horses, ducks and chickens. She certainly has her hands full, but I just loved her little set up, with the ponies, ducks and chickens right outside of her back door. Debbie was concerned that she didn’t live in a mansion and said that having looked through my images, she assumed that all of my clients kept their horses at five-star yards with beautiful backdrops. I assured that this is certainly not the case and that you just needed to know what spaces to use. I think you’ll agree, Debbie’s home was a lovely little spot for her shoot.

Debbie bought her two horses, both four-year-olds, Ace and William, from Willow Sports Horses. She said she told them that before now, she felt she’d often been overhorsed and she wanted something that was going to give her confidence and keep her safe. So when they told her about four-year-old Ace, she was unsure. But she said that he’s been everything she could have ever asked for.

And William, the blue and white cob, has been just as much of a god send. “I saw one white ear and one blue ear,” Debbie said, “And I just had to have him.” And I can totally see why. Isn’t he the cutest, cuddliest little guy?


equine photographer norfolk


“If you don’t love your pony, we’ll have to give him to another little boy who does.”


equine photographer norfolk


Not at all happy about the amount of grass Georgie has in his mouth.


equine photographer norfolk


That’s better! 😀

equine photographer norfolk

equine photographer norfolk

equine photographer norfolk

equine photographer norfolk

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