The Palmers – Family Photoshoot, Essex

family photography essex

I haven’t done a family shoot in so long. I used to do a lot of them when I had a studio and as a side line, when we ran the event photography company. But I recently photographed Elizabeth’s chestnut Arab, Andre, who lives with his loan family at Potton Livery, as Elizabeth is a mounted police-woman and just doesn’t have the time he deserves at the moment. So, she spotted my work on Facebook and got in touch to ask whether I’d be willing to photograph her family.

I love family photoshoots. They’re always full of laughter, banter, chaos and fun. But I have to admit, once again, I was being pulled from my comfort zone and being asked to photograph something other than horses, and I arrived at Weald Country Park, which was teaming with families, children and dog walkers, feeling a little nervous. We have our own insecurities to deal with, right? Sometimes, usually when I’m not photographing horses, I have to convince myself that I haven’t just forgotten how to take a photograph overnight. Sometimes my clients aren’t the only ones who are apprehensive.

But the Palmer family were a lovely, friendly, bubbly bunch, and as soon as I started shooting, I forgot all about my worries and hopefully, if they were at all nervous about being in front of my camera, they forgot about theirs, too.

Elizabeth’s family, who were originally from the local area, now all live in different parts of the country. We coincided the shoot with a wedding that they were all attending, the day before, so that we’d be able to take advantage of a rare occasion that everybody was in the same county. It was Elizabeth’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, so they thought some pictures of them all together would be a good way to celebrate.


family photography essex


family photography essex


family photography essex


family photography essex


family photography essex

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