Hannah & Joe – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

equine photography essex


Hannah contacted me only a few weeks ago, asking me if there was any way I could fit in a last minute booking for her. Next week, Hannah is off on her travels to Australia for a year and she’s gutted to be leaving Joe, her loan pony, behind.

“He’s the most affectionate pony I’ve ever had,” she tells me. “But he’s a mud monster!” And it’s clear that not only is Joe quite the attention seeker, he’s also a total charmer. A real people pony. But a complete foodie and loves getting himself filthy dirty, too. If he’s eating and mucky, he’s happy. Such a boy!

Hannah took Joe on just nine short months ago, whilst he was on box rest, recovering from a bout of laminitis. But despite his illness, Hannah and Joe have definitely made the most of their time together. They’ve been showing, jumping and hacking, ever since Joe has been back to full health, and they are just adorable together.

You can’t really tell so well from the photographs, but this pair are truly pint sized! Hannah is an teeny, tiny 4’11” and she said that whilst eight-year-old, Welsh Sec C, Joe was bred to make around 14.1hh, he decided he’d done enough growing when he hit the 13.2hh mark. But he’s got a big personality to make up for it. I just loved him. I love his cheeky face, full of mischief, with his quirky facial markings, and he was such a little poser, which is always guaranteed to win me over straight away!

Hannah says that she is looking forward to a year of travelling, but she said Joe is the only thing that made her question whether or not she should go. But she knows that if she doesn’t go now, she’ll never be able to. And she’s just hoping he will be available for loan again when she comes home.

And lastly, and maybe even most importantly, can we just take a second to appreciate those amaaaazing blue shoes?!! And Hannah’s skills, walking on grass in those skyscrapers without breaking a single bone. This little lady has impressive shoe game and apparently always wears heels, unless she’s on the yard. So it was only fitting that we photographed her in this gorgeous pair of stilettos!


equine photography essex


equine photography essex


equine photography essex


equine photography essex


equine photography essex



Hannah wears…
Tweed jacket, by Shires Equestrian, from Ingatestone Saddlery Centre
Black dress, by New Look
Jumpsuit, by Primark
Blue shoes, by Parmars
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