My New SPARKLY Nicole Berlowski Camera Strap

I’m super excited right now, because I’ve just received my new Nicole Berlowski camera strap through the post. Ok, wait, now I’m slightly less excited, because I’ve just realised what a mahoosive photography nerd I sound like! Lol! Oh well. In my defence, my new strap… It’s sparkly!!

The UK seems to be a little guilty of assuming that all photographers are men over the age of 40. All photography kit seems to be black, practical and just so freaking boring! And then there’s me… a twenty-six-year-old girl, trying to make her way in this saturated industry and trying to find my own identity. So, I thought, what the hell, I’m going to find me a sparkly camera strap. And that’s exactly what I did!!

sparkly gold sequin camera strap

This strap could not be any more me! It’s navy and white (I’m obsessed with anything navy) on one side and gold sequinned on the other (I love anything that sparkles. I live in Essex, remember)!

If you want to grab yourself one, I bought it from Nicole Berlowski on Etsy for a super reasonable £21.42, and she does them in a whole range of colours and sequins, and she even custom makes them to your specification. They do come all the way from Hartford, WI, United States, so you do have to pay a little bit of postage on top, but not much at all. And hey, who cares? It’s sparkly!!

And whilst I’ve got you here… Check out Nicole’s gorgeous photography, too, at

Now I just need a funky new camera bag. Anyone know where I can get me one?

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