Sophie & Pablo – Equine Photography, Kent

equine photographer kent arab


The beautiful, fairytale Arab, her long, flame-red hair, the glittering sunset! I’ve been swooning over these images, whilst editing them and just falling more and more in love with everything about this shoot.

Sophie really made me laugh when she was telling me about life with Pablo. It seems this handsome chap is a bit of a fuss-pot. The world is a stressful place when you are Pablo, and it sounds as though he’s come up with every trick in the book, in his time, to slip into a life of early retirement. Sophie says that his list of ailments is endless and recurring, including a recent mystery lameness, which magically disappeared when he’d successfully avoided any hard work. But, despite this, he was an absolute angel to photograph. I think he liked me. 😉

Sophie booked a two-person group-shoot with her friend Amanda (see Amanda & Xavi’s shoot), and had the shoot at Amanda’s home. She keeps Pablo at a livery yard just across the road, so they just wandered over together and Amanda kindly offered up her land for us to shoot on.

So, can we just talk about Sophie’s hair? Is it just me or does she look like she’s been plucked straight out of a Disney movie? I think she might be an actual Disney princess! When I told her, at the shoot, that I thought it was amazing, she scrunched up her face and said ‘Do you think? I didn’t know if I should wear it up. Isn’t it totally the wrong colour to go with him? I need to be blonde really, don’t I?’

Errr, no! When my clients book their shoots, I send them a detailed booking letter and one of the things we talk about is outfit choices. There are, obviously, a whole range of options, and everyone has their own style, but the colours my clients choose to wear, to compliment their horses, for their photoshoot, are a big decision and really can make or break the end result. Sophie opted, as you can see, to wear a lot of white, broken up with black accessories or tan cowboy boots, to tie in with Pablo’s grey coat. And I think it worked really well. But what I think makes these images really striking, is the flash of colour that Sophie’s hair provides. I’m smitten! I have serious hair envy. Sophie, you are just gorgeous!


equine photographer kent arab


equine photographer kent arab


equine photographer kent arab


Ok, so now lets talk about the light. The evening, just before the sun goes down, is my absolute favourite time of day to shoot, as most of my clients will know. I get totally geeky over it. The soft, warm, ethereal glimmer, that the late, low sun bathes everything in is an addiction of mine. I’m totally obsessed by sunsets. And this is why…

Just check out the colours and the back lighting on these images of Sophie riding Pablo. Magical!


equine photographer kent arab


equine photographer kent arab



equine photographer kent arab



equine photographer kent arab



I think I have some new favourites. ❤


Sophie wears…
Cream top, by Miss Selfridge
Denim shorts, by Topshop
Cowboy boots, by Dune
Sleeveless polo-shirt, by Pikuer
White jodphurs, by Mark Todd
Boots and half chaps, by Ariat
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